Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 359: Pretended to be mistreated after gaining a favor

Chapter 359: Pretended to be mistreated after gaining a favor

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The family was about to leave when Liang Jia Hao's voice came from behind.


Liang Wan Jun paused and looked at Liang Jia Hao without any emotion in her eyes.

The amount she doted on her little brother before was proportionate to how disappointed she was in him now. The disappointment accumulated all these years and now, there was no sadness left, only numbness.

"Jie, are you all really moving out?" Liang Jia Hao asked.

Liang Wan Jun glanced at her daughter and said resolutely, "En, we've troubled you for a long time."

"Jie, I..." Liang Jia Hao sighed. "I know that you and brother-in-law helped us a lot. I'm sorry, I'm really in a tough spot... about the company, will brother-in-law still be working?"

Ye Wanwan stood by the side and sneered-- after so much talking, all he wants to know is whether dad will be working at the company still?

Liang Jia Hao treated her dad as if he had the capabilities of many people and even used him like a slave - obviously, he couldn't bear to part with such cost-effective labor.

This uncle of hers had no management skills at all. With her father around to help him, he was naturally very relaxed.

But this family pretended to be mistreated after being granted a favor.

Before her father could reply, Ye Wanwan said, "Like cousin Shi Han said, how can us kids tire out our parents?"

With that said, they had nothing to do with Liang Jia Hao's family anymore.

It was fine if they took care of each other as relatives, but this family of ingrates was worse than a bunch of strangers.

Behind him, Fang Xiu Min got anxious when she heard that. "How could you do that? The company has many projects only halfway done! It's too irresponsible of him to just leave like that!"

Ye Wanwan laughed. "Oh, irresponsible? Then why doesn't my father become the boss and have complete responsibility? I suddenly remembered that my dad put in an investment to start this company before too, right?"

"You... you're dreaming!" Fang Xiu Min's expression changed immediately.

"Unlike how auntie dreams," Ye Wanwan said, chuckling. She then said in a reassuring tone, "Auntie, don't be nervous - whether it's the house or the company, we're not interested in them at all. After all, we don't have a habit of picking up bones we throw out."

This tone of voice was obviously mocking them as a family that was worse than pigs and dogs...

Ye Wanwan couldn't be bothered to continue bickering with this family, so she dragged her parents out and left.

Fang Xiu Min was so mad that she yelled furiously at Liang Jia Hao: "You're just standing there letting that stupid girl bully me like that, not saying a single word to defend me?"

Seeing Liang Jia Hao still kept his silence, Fang Xiu Min gave him a shove. "SAY SOMETHING! Ye Shao Ting's gone now, so who's going to manage all the things in the company?!"

Liang Shi Han stared at Ye Wanwan's retreating figure with jealousy. "Mommy, let them leave. They're just a bunch of stray dogs, what's there to be mad about? Can't the company survive without him, huh?"

Fang Xiu Min took a deep breath. "Shi Han's right, they're just a bunch of stray dogs. What's there to be mad about? In the future, your auntie Mei Xuan and Yiyi-jie will help us; who wants this lousy house and lousy company?!"

Liang Shi Han nodded continuously. "Right now, half of the showbiz belongs to uncle's Ye Group, and Yiyi-jie's the director of talent recruitment at Emperor Sky while brother-in-law's the chairman of Emperor Sky. That family can't even find a job yet they still dare to think about making a comeback; they're truly indulging in fantasies!"


Golden Seas:

"I have some business to attend to so I'll get going first!" They were already at the door but Ye Mu Fan didn't enter.

"Mu Fan! Mu Fan! It's so late, where are you heading to..." Liang Wan Jun watched helplessly as her son left.

Ye Shao Ting's face darkened and there was tiredness in his eyes. "Forget it, don't bother with him."

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