Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 343: It's a gem!

Chapter 343: It's a gem!

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"Rise of the Dragon is Master Ouyang's proudest masterpiece in the last two years. He'd actually..."

All the guests were stunned. What exactly was Ye Wanwan's gift that even Ouyang Yu would exchange his Rise of the Dragon for it?

Even Ye Hong Wei himself had a weird look on his face, much less the guests in the hall.

"Haha, Old Ye, didn't you tell me before that you appreciate my 'Rise of the Dragon' very much...? Come come come, let's trade!" Ouyang Yu was speaking to Ye Hong Wei, yet both his eyes never left the bone structure, and one of them seemed to even contain a burning heat.

Ye Wanwan, who had been racking her brains for a solution, also turned to Ouyang Yu with a puzzled face.

Uh, who am I, where am I, and what just happened...

Great carving master Ouyang Yu wants to swap his "Rise of the Dragons" in exchange for that thing I bought from the antique market for a hundred yuan, what the heck?

"Old Ye, it's decided. I'll take this away and get someone to bring the 'Rise of the Dragon' over here tomorrow." Ouyang Yu embraced the bone structure and didn't seem to want to give it back.

As the head of the Ye family, Ye Hong Wei was very sharp and immediately said, "Give it to me."

"Ah, you're not exchanging? I thought you found this thing very ominous?" Ouyang Yu was suddenly very upset.

"I won't exchange it for now," Ye Hong Wei replied expressionlessly.

"You... why are you so stingy? How about 'Rise of the Dragon' with 'The Peacock Flies Southeast'! Ouyang Yu ground his teeth together.

"The Peacock Flies Southeast?!"

Gasps suddenly reverberated at the main table.

"The Peacock Flies Southeast" was one of the early works of Ouyang Yu. Although it wasn't as great as "Rise of the Dragon", it was still extraordinary.

"Old Ye, don't ever exchange it with him. Ouyang Yu, this old chap, has never suffered a loss before!" Professor Li Yue was the first to regain his senses as he reminded his friend swiftly.

"Not exchanging," Ye Hong Wei spoke with conviction.

Hearing this, Ouyang Yu was filled with disappointment and was very unwilling to return this bone structure to Ye Hong Wei. His eyes were even more unwilling to part with it.

Following Ouyang Yu's extreme reluctance to part with the bone structure, he still returned it to Ye Hong Wei and all the elders at the main table started sizing up the bone structure curiously.

It was a pity they still couldn't tell what it was exactly.

Even Ye Hong Wei, who was experienced and knowledgeable, couldn't come up with a reason why it seemed so valuable.

"Old Ye, this granddaughter of yours is really filial... this birthday gift from her is truly a masterpiece," Ouyang Yu couldn't help but speak up.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan felt a little hesitant--this great carving master couldn't have seen it wrong because of his poor vision, right...

"Old Ouyang, what exactly did Wanwan give him? I really can't tell," Zhou Qing Gang probed curiously.

Hearing that, Ye Hong Wei looked over as well.

Ouyang Yu lit a cigarette and took a long drag before replying, "From the workmanship and professionalism, it can be rated as amazing. With this practice of technique and this grade of bone, it has an extraordinary implication. Generally speaking, this was made by a top craftsman during the Ancient Rome era and it was placed in the King's mansion to bring luck and shake off evil spirits."

Ouyang Yu had some doubts as well. "It's just that I can't really tell what material this is made of, but from the forging method, it's definitely not a fake. In my perspective, it's a gem."


After Ouyang Yu said that, everyone couldn't help but size it up carefully before Ye Hong Wei had a chance to speak.

The anger and disgust in his eyes instantly vanished and was replaced by a hint of surprise.

The more Ye Hong Wei inspected it, the more he realized that this bone structure had a very domineering spirit.

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