Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 342: An inauspicious birthday gift

Chapter 342: An inauspicious birthday gift

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"Ye Wanwan, you're outrageous!" At that moment, Fang Xiu Min's sharp voice resounded.

"It's grandpa's birthday, yet you actually dared to give him such a terrible and disgusting thing. What intentions do you have! You're seriously deranged!" Liang Shi Han saw the gift from Ye Wanwan and stood up instantly. She pointed towards Ye Wanwan and snapped at her.

The group of elderly people seated at the main table, even Li Yue and Zhou Qing Gang, frowned and looked at Ye Wanwan in disbelief.

Tonight was her grandfather's birthday banquet, so why did Ye Wanwan give him such an inauspicious thing?

Even on normal days, one should never give something like that to an elder, much less on their birthday. How was this meant for celebrating someone's birthday? It was obviously meant to rush someone to his death!

Sensing Ye Hong Wei's icy-cold stare, Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows and her heart sunk.

"Grandpa, this wasn't the gift I prepared for you."

"Ye Wanwan, housekeeper Huang already said this was gifted by you. You dared to give but dare not admit; I really didn't expect you to be so vicious! After all, the Ye blood flows in you, so how could you do something so atrocious? You're worse than a beast! What intentions do you have!" Fang Xiu Min didn't give Ye Wanwan a chance to explain at all and eagerly threw stones while she was down.

At the main table, almost everyone's eyes were on Ye Wanwan except for an old pedant who was around 80 years old; his eyes were on the bone and he looked unconvinced.

After all the guests had seen the bone, they all had strange looks in their eyes.

Ye Wanwan's gift was truly an eye-opener.

Liang Shi Han and Fang Xiu Min's accusations and scolding were automatically disregarded by Ye Wanwan. There was a slight calmness on her delicate face.

She hadn't expected that she'd be entrapped by housekeeper Huang Ming Kun.

Ye Wanwan kept her emotions in check and secretly plotted her next move.

Ye Hong Wei was akin to a glacier that wouldn't melt in thousands of years; the cold light in his eyes was terrifying, causing anyone to tremble in fear.

At the main table, all the important guests turned to look at each other, confused.

On the other side, Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun were just as silent. Due to their relationship with Ye Wanwan, they were unable to help.

"Bring a magnifying glass."

Suddenly, the old pedant narrowed his eyes and broke the silence.

Although nobody knew what the elderly man needed it for, someone still brought a magnifying glass over to him.

After he took the magnifying glass, the elderly sized up the bone eagerly.

Nobody at the scene understood what he was doing.


He peered through the magnifying glass and from time to time, he exclaimed in surprise and disbelief.

Ye Hong Wei and the group of elderly people at the main table were all puzzled.

After some time, the pedant stood up and held up the bone ornament right in front of his eyes.

"Masterpiece..." he mumbled something softly and the light in his eyes glistened brightly.

"Old Ye... can I speak to you about something..." he looked at Ye Hong Wei and made this sudden request.

Hearing that, Ye Hong Wei didn't understand.

"Why don't you give me this thing..." he stopped speaking at that point and shook his head. "No, no... why don't I exchange my Rise of the Dragon with you for this?"

Once he said that the entire hall fell silent.

However, after a short period of silence, there were gasps of surprise.

"Rise of the Dragon... could it be one of the collector items from the great carving master, Ouyang Yu?"

"Indeed, that old pedant is indeed Ouyang Yu himself..."


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