Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 344: Who's the expert?

Chapter 344: Who's the expert?

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Having heard what Ouyang Yu said, Liang Shi Han and Fang Xiu Min nearly dropped their jaws in shock.

At first, they thought what Ye Wanwan gave was extremely ominous and never expected that it'd be considered a gem by Ouyang Yu...

Seeing that Liang Shi Han and Fang Xiu Min still wanted to speak, Liang Jia Hao immediately glared at them with fiery rage. Haven't we been embarrassed enough tonight?!

"Get back!"

Liang Jia Hao stared sternly at Fang Xiu Min.

Seeing Liang Jia Hao, who never lost his temper, become so agitated for the first time, both mother and daughter's hearts shuddered in fear as they followed Liang Jia Hao out and left without a word.


At the main table, Ouyang Yu didn't want to give up just yet as he said, "Old Ye, say something. Are you exchanging or not!"

Ye Hong Wei was silent for a while before he spoke, "This isn't my birthday gift."

Wanwan said just now that this art piece wasn't what she prepared.

When Ye Wanwan heard that, her eyes shifted slightly as she walked towards Ye Hong Wei and said in a very gentle voice, "Grandpa, although this art piece wasn't given by me, it was from my father."


Ye Hong Wei looked at Ye Shao Ting who was seated nearby.

At this moment, Ye Shao Ting was stunned. Since when did I ...


Ye Wanwan quickly strode forward and pulled Ye Shao Ting's elbow, leading him to Ye Hong Wei.

"Grandpa, my father spent almost half a year begging an expert in order to get this," Ye Wanwan blurted out some nonsense she just came up with.

"Who's the expert?" Ye Hong Wei asked.

"Grandpa, that expert already retired so he doesn't want his name revealed..." Ye Wanwan was worried her father wouldn't know how to answer so she simply made up a story.

Ye Hong Wei didn't give much thought to what she said. After all, this item was authentic and Ouyang Yu already confirmed this point.

"Shao Ting, is this really the gift you prepared for me?" Tonight, this was the first time Ye Hong Wei looked at this son of his who had let him down.

"This..." Ye Shao Ting turned to Ye Wanwan, who was next to him. Due to the urging in her eyes, he finally nodded his head and said, "Yes, father... I hope you like it."

Ye Hong Wei's expression turned warmer. "It's rare that you're so thoughtful."

After speaking, Ye Hong Wei gave a sideways glance at Ouyang Yu and stood up, taking back the bone structure.

Since it was given to him, he obviously had the right to keep it.

"Are you really so stingy? Can't I even do some research with it?" Ouyang Yu was suddenly upset.

Ye Hong Wei didn't bother responding. He placed the bone structure aside then said, "Shao Ting, what do you call this thing?"

This bone structure was much more valuable than Ouyang Yu's "Rise of the Dragon", so Ye Hong Wei naturally wanted to know its name.

Ye Shao Ting was obviously unable to answer and Ye Wanwan quickly said unflinchingly, "Grandpa, dad's friend said this item has no name and is waiting for someone whose fate is intertwined with it to give it a name. Why don't you name it, grandpa!"

"Really?" Ye Hong Wei inspected it carefully and thought deeply for a moment, "Then... let's call it Demon Subduer, how about that..."

Ye Hong Wei was extremely satisfied with this bone structure and had given it a name personally.

Ouyang Yu stroked his beard and sneered unwillingly, "Demon Subduer... it does indeed suit this item..."

Hearing that, everyone started chiming in and praised.

Huang Ming Kun's face sunk completely when he realized that not only did he not make a fool out of Ye Wanwan, he even put her in the limelight. He was about to say something but he made eye contact with Ye Yiyi in the crowd and only then did he retreat, albeit unwillingly.


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