Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 339: I listen to grandpa

Chapter 339: I listen to grandpa

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"Haha... how is this not a rebuttal? She's treating mother and daughter like clowns and doesn't even show the slightest desire of caring about them..."

"This is a true goddess..."

Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun watched as Li Yue and Zhou Qing Gang fought over Ye Wanwan at the front. They felt as if they were in a dream and everything was unreal. They couldn't connect all this with the daughter who had broken their hearts.

"Old Ye, you should persuade that precious granddaughter of yours to come to Imperial City University. You know yourself how high our teaching standards are." Zhou Qing Gang turned to Ye Hong Wei and changed his target, honing in on Ye Hong Wei instead.

Ye Hong Wei immediately became the focus of the main table.

"This..." Ye Hong Wei was slightly startled. He turned to look at the calm and composed Ye Wanwan with a complexed look; it hadn't hit him what the two people were debating about.

Ye Wanwan actually had such astounding results; she really exceeded everyone's expectations.

"Old Ye, you better not be up to any mischief. Otherwise, I'll break all ties with you." Li Yue was upset and spoke hurriedly, afraid he'd lose to Zhou Qing Gang.

"Wanwan, your intention is to enter Imperial Media right? Don't be swayed." Li Yue didn't forget to warn Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan stood by the side, unsure whether to laugh or cry as she watched these two squabbling over her. Her eyes suddenly met Ye Hong Wei's mixed gaze then a grin spread across her face. She walked slowly until she stood in front of Ye Hong Wei directly and said gently, "I'll listen to grandpa."

Listen to grandpa?

All the guests at the scene thought they experienced an auditory hallucination.

They already heard that Ye Wanwan and the Ye family's old man were like fire and water and that she often appeared at the Ye old residence to wreck havoc.

But at this moment, Ye Wanwan stood right in front of Ye Hong Wei, looking completely like an obedient granddaughter. Where's that trace of animosity between them?

Tonight, it seemed like every bit of hearsay about Ye Wanwan was just rumors that would be taken down by Ye Wanwan personally.

Even Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun were in disbelief, much less the guests.

This was really the daughter who hadn't visited them for years and had a deep feud with the Ye family?

As for Ye Mu Fan, he looked as if he'd just seen a ghost.

Fang Xiu Min and Liang Shi Han's minds went totally blank with each piece of news blasting their heads one after another, instantly destroying any arrogance and smugness they had. They had no clue how to retreat to their seats and didn't dare to speak a word. They really wished everyone would forget their existence.

At the side of the main table, the old man, Ye Hong Wei, sized up this granddaughter standing in front of him again, pondering something.

"Old Ye, this is truly a precious granddaughter--she'll even listen to you about which university to choose..." Zhou Qing Gang felt rather helpless.

"Old Ye, what do you think?" Professor Li Yue asked anxiously.

Hearing this, Ye Hong Wei thought deeply for a moment. His far-sighted and majestic eyes restrained an inexplicable glow as they swept across Ye Wanwan's face. He then retracted his gaze and spoke in a steady and powerful voice, "Since her intention was originally towards Imperial Media, that shall be it."

"You...this Old Ye..." Zhou Qing Gang's only hope was shattered and his face had nothing but resentment all over it.

"Hahahaha, Old Ye. You really dote on your granddaughter and know the strength of Imperial Media!" Li Yue was very glad and satisfied with Ye Hong Wei's words.

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