Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 340: Who's your grandpa?

Chapter 340: Who's your grandpa?

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Watching from a distance, Ye Shao Ting had been silent all this time. He furrowed his brows as he looked at Ye Wanwan who seemed to have turned into a completely different person and his heart was filled with doubt.

The daughter from his memory would never be so sensible and obedient, and she even hated the Ye family to the core.

Ye Shao Ting wondered whether the sudden appearance of Ye Wanwan at her grandfather's birthday banquet was simply for her to give her grandfather her wishes, or did she have any other motives like ruining this banquet and embarrassing the entire Ye family completely?

Ye Shao Ting obviously didn't want his own daughter to do that, but it had been so many years... and he was honestly quite tired of it already...

Ye Wanwan caught wind of her father's suspicions unintentionally and felt desolate.

In her previous life, her behavior was indeed too much and she really was like fire and water with the Ye family. She never forgave her parents and was filled with hatred.

In her previous life, she did attend her grandpa's birthday banquet and she caused a complete pandemonium at the scene in front of all the guests, making her parents and the Ye family thoroughly embarrassed. Her grandfather was so agitated that he had a sudden heart attack and was hospitalized for half a month.

With that thought, Ye Wanwan retracted her gaze and slid closer to Ye Hong Wei. Ye Hong Wei didn't reject Ye Wanwan, and even the coldness from his face dissipated.

At this moment, it had already been quite some time since the start of the banquet and guests headed to the chairman's seat, one after another, to wish him well and present their gifts.

The gifts from the guests were mostly just a formality and didn't have any significance in the eyes of the older generations. They merely took a glance at them and didn't find any novelty in them.

After some time, Liang Jia Hao and Fang Xiu Min's family went up. Liang Shi Hao held onto a considerably costly inkstone in her hands and presented it to Ye Hong Wei. Then using her sweetest voice, she said, "Grandpa, I know you like to write and draw, so my parents spent a very long time to specially prepare this inkstone for you. I hope grandpa likes it."

Fang Xiu Min spent quite a bit of effort in order to obtain the inkstone and prepared it to be gifted to Ye Hong Wei at his birthday banquet to win his favor. Due to the incident just now with Ye Wanwan, Fang Xiu Min had completely embarrassed herself and she had to depend on this inkstone to win the old man's favor.

Ye Hong Wei's gaze swept across the inkstone and nodded slightly, getting someone to put it aside.

Although Ye Hong Wei didn't have any special reaction, his slight nod was an indication of approval that made Fang Xiu Min and Liang Shi Han both heave a silent sigh of relief.

Shortly after, Liang Shi Han's glanced at Ye Wanwan's empty hands, "Wow, it's grandpa's birthday yet someone actually came empty-handed?"

"Tsk... Shi Han, you better not learn from some people who only know how to be pretentious and bring only her big mouth to grandpa's birthday." Fang Xiu Min had lost face in front of Ye Wanwan just now, so she couldn't miss an opportunity to mock Ye Wanwan.


Ye Wanwan looked at Fang Xiu Min and Liang Shi Han and the corners of her mouth curved up slightly, revealing a cold sneer. "Who's your grandpa?"

Following what Ye Wanwan said, a few guests laughed instantly.

The smile on Liang Shi Han's face stiffened instantly.

The meaning behind what Ye Wanwan said was very obvious-- Fang Xiu Min's family didn't have anyone with the surname "Ye", but Liang Shi Han kept calling him grandpa so affectionately; just thinking about it made her nauseous.

"You...!" Fang Xiu Min glared at Ye Wanwan, her face completely contorted in anger.

"You better not bring your daughter here and claim kinship in such a senseless way. We, the Ye family, never had the practice of simply acknowledging any random people as family." Ye Wanwan turned away when she finished speaking without bothering to see their reaction.

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