Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 338: Fighting over a student

Chapter 338: Fighting over a student

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"Hahaha, old man, don't you know yet?" Professor Li Yue laughed and gestured towards Ye Wanwan. He said, "This granddaughter of yours is outstanding-- she's had the top score in our city for the liberal arts paper. Amongst everyone in this batch of new students, Wanwan secured the first place, no, actually, for the past three batches of students, nobody surpassed Wanwan. Us, Imperial Media, nearly started a big fight with Imperial City University over her. Thankfully, Wanwan finally chose Imperial Media."

"I even wondered which family had such a great blessing to be able to raise such an outstanding girl; I didn't expect it'd actually be your family!

"I say, old man, you've hidden this precious granddaughter of yours very well. In the past, I've only heard you mention Yiyi, but I didn't think that you groomed someone even more amazing, Ye Wanwan, I really have to take my hat off to you."

Professor Li Yue became more excited as he looked towards Ye Wanwan with an undisguised admiration in his eyes.

"Professor Li, you're flattering me--I was just lucky," Ye Wanwan smiled and replied gracefully.

"Wanwan, if I had your luck in the past, I'm afraid I would be so full of myself that I wouldn't know my own name anymore. You can still be so calm and composed, huh?" Professor Li Yue laughed and shook his head, becoming increasingly fond of this neither servile nor overbearing, cool-headed girl.

"Wanwan, you were wrong." All of a sudden, another elderly man stood up at the main table and shot an unhappy look at Li Yue.

This elderly man was dressed in a white suit, radiating health and vigor from his body. He appeared to be a rich and honorable person.

He was no stranger to everyone--he was Zhou Qing Gang, a board member of Imperial City University, which claimed to be the top institution in Imperial City.

"Wanwan, Imperial City University promised that we would recommend you for postgraduate studies but you chose Imperial Media University in the end. It really hurt our hearts; Imperial City was really genuine and sincere in inviting you to join us and our conditions were in no way worse than Imperial Media's."

Zhou Qing Gang sighed and felt it such a pity that he couldn't snatch such a good seed from Imperial Media... if he'd known that Ye Wanwan was Ye Hong Wei's granddaughter, he would've definitely come over to Old Ye's place to snatch this girl.

"Zhou Qing Gang, Wanwan already chose us, Imperial Media, so you should stop harping on about it. Anyway, when school starts, Wanwan will be a student at Imperial Media University, so you... should just give up!" Professor Li Yue laughed.

"That may not be the case. This hasn't been confirmed yet. Wanwan merely had this intention, so who knows, she might choose Imperial City University in the end." Zhou Qing Gang didn't want to admit defeat. He even turned to look at Ye Wanwan and tried to express that he thought very highly of her.

At this moment, these two prestigious academics of Imperial City were fighting over Ye Wanwan like kids.

This scene silenced all the guests in the room as if there were only Zhou Qing Gang and Li Yue's voices left in the world.

It was as if there were roots growing out of their feet--both mother and daughter, Liang Shi Han and Fang Xiu Min, stood rooted at the same spot. There was a simultaneous explosion in their heads before everything went blank.

The one they called incompetent and useless, the scum of society...

Was actually someone academics from Imperial Media University and Imperial City University fought over...

"Didn't Liang Shi Han and Fang Xiu Min... say that Ye Wanwan hadn't graduated from high school and was expelled..."

"Yes, they did. I almost believed what they said and never expected... this turn of events..."

"I see that Ye Wanwan hasn't even said a single word to refute..."


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