Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 337: This granddaughter of yours is outstanding

Chapter 337: This granddaughter of yours is outstanding

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"Shi Han, let's go congratulate the old man!"

When she considered how her daughter had been admitted to Imperial Media, Fang Xiu Min became arrogant once again. She stood up and hauled Liang Shi Han towards the main seats at the front.

Following the arrival of Liang Shi Han and Fang Xiu Min at the main table, a group of elders turned to them.

"Grandpa, I want to wish you a healthy, long and enjoyable life!" Liang Shi Han looked at the elderly man with an obedient smile.

Ye Hong Wei didn't move at all. He was extremely composed and although he looked a little old, he still had the dignified manner of a lion.

After some time, Ye Hong Wei nodded, indicating his appreciation.

"Shi Han," Fang Xiu Min gestured to a white-haired old man wearing glasses seated next to Ye Hong Wei, "this is a guest professor at Imperial Media, professor Li Yue. Hurry and greet him!"

Not long from now, Liang Shi Han would be entering Imperial Media University, so Liang Xiu Min naturally wanted to take this opportunity to introduce her to professor Li Yue.

"How are you, grandpa Li!" Liang Shi Han asked in her sweetest voice.

Hearing that, Li Yue smiled and replied, "Liang Shi Han, right? I know that for this batch of students, you must be quite outstanding to enter Imperial Media at your age. You have to put in much more effort in the future, alright?"

"Thank you for your praise, grandpa Li. I will work hard for sure." Liang Shi Han nodded obediently.

Fang Xiu Min was about to speak when a gentle voice interrupted her from behind.

"Grandpa, I wish you longevity and happiness."

Ye Wanwan was donned in an appropriate evening gown and her actions were extremely elegant.

Seeing Ye Wanwan, Ye Hong Wei's brows furrowed instantly.

Ye Hong Wei didn't have a good impression of this granddaughter of his. In the past few years, Ye Wanwan barged into the old residence of the Ye family and made a huge racket countless times. Each time, Ye Hong Wei's impression of this girl worsened and today, he didn't want to see her at all.


Ye Hong Wei's tone had an obvious hint of coldness.

Noticing the old man's attitude towards Ye Wanwan, Liang Shi Han had a complete lack of apprehension as she shot a glance over at Ye Wanwan. "My mother and I still have some things we want to discuss with grandpa and professor Li Yue, so please leave us for a moment."

Without waiting for Ye Wanwan's response, professor Li Yue suddenly stood up, narrowed his eyes and wiped his glasses with his fingers, taking a good look at Ye Wanwan.

"Which school did you graduate from?" Professor Li Yue asked.

"Mr. Li, I'm afraid you'll think it's a joke if I told you--Ye Wanwan got expelled by the school even before she graduated high school." Fang Xiu Min gave Ye Wanwan a sideways glance and sneered before Ye Wanwan replied.

"Ye Wanwan?" At that moment, professor Li Yue's face was blank and a hint of bewilderment flashed in his eyes. "You're a student from Qing He!"

Upon seeing professor Li Yue's reaction, Ye Hong Wei's face turned ugly. Everyone at this table was an important guest. Could it be that this Ye Wanwan had been so disgraceful that even professor Li Yue knew about it...

With that thought, Ye Hong Wei gave Ye Wanwan an even more critical gaze.

Ye Wanwan looked at professor Li Yue and nodded slightly. "Yes, I am."

"No wonder I thought you looked quite familiar," professor Li Yue said excitedly and revealed a touch of warmth in his eyes.

Professor Li Yue looked at Ye Hong Wei, whose expression was completely frozen, and said with excitement in his eyes.

"Old man, this granddaughter of yours is outstanding!"

Hearing professor Li Yue's words, everyone in the room was stunned and didn't understand what he meant by that.

Both mother and daughter, Fang Xiu Min and Liang Shi Han, looked at each other, in total confusion and bewilderment.

Ye Hong Wei was taken aback, and he asked casually, "What do you mean?"

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