Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 336: My parents aren't used to living there

Chapter 336: My parents aren't used to living there

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At that moment, all the guests from every corner of the room were flabbergasted.

"Thick-skinned" wouldn't be enough to describe this mother and daughter pair.

"Auntie, you don't have to be angry." Ye Wanwan laughed. "Actually, the house that my parents gifted to you isn't big, so even if the three of you moved out, it's still quite small for the four of us. Since this is the case... on behalf of my parents, I'll gift the entire house to your family."

Ye Wanwan then looked at Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun and said, "Dad, mom... Auntie has a family of three; it's not easy for her. If we really made her move out, I'm afraid they'll be homeless and if outsiders hear about it, they'll think we're heartless..."

A bunch of keys suddenly appeared in Ye Wanwan's hands.

"Dad, mom..."

Ye Wanwan placed the keys lightly in front of the both of them.

The keys were dark purple and were about the length of a finger. On top of each of them were the engraved words "Golden Seas".

"A house at Golden Seas?!"

Seeing those keys, Fang Xiu Min and Liang Shi Han were completely dumbfounded.

Golden Seas was one of the most luxurious villas in Imperial City. Today, it was high-valued but there was no property for sale now--even if you had the money, you couldn't purchase it.

"This... how is it possible!"

Fang Xiu Min was in complete disbelief-- isn't Ye Shao Ting's property at Golden Seas already foreclosed by the Court?

Even if it was taken back, that's an exorbitant amount. How could Ye Wanwan even have the ability to afford it?

Liang Wan Jun took the keys in a daze as she and her husband turned to look at each other, completely confused. Even Ye Mu Fan's eyes were filled with shock.

Ye Wanwan's long hair fell casually on her back, and her gaze swept across Liang Shi Han's family with a sense of mockery as she said, "So, uncle and auntie, the three of you can have that house for yourselves. I'm afraid that my parents won't be used to living in that kind of place."

In other words, the house they treated like a precious gem wasn't suited for her parents to live in at all; that house was simply given to them because they didn't like it.

Fang Xiu Min gritted her teeth in anger and couldn't get any words out.

At this moment, Ye Shao Ting looked at Ye Wanwan with a complex look. Is this person truly my arrogant and despotic daughter from my memory...?

Deep in Ye Shao Ting's mind, the two figures simply couldn't be reconciled, and he felt that they were two totally different people--from her look today down to her attitude and actions, there was just too big a contrast.

"Ye Wanwan, so what if you have a villa at Golden Seas? Who knows how you even obtained that property?! Such a young age, yet you don't even have a proper job and still haven't graduated from high school and were even expelled-- you're just a piece of scum in this society!" Liang Shi Han pointed at Ye Wanwan and sneered viciously.

She heard news that the school expelled Ye Wanwan long ago and wasn't sure what this woman was doing outside now.

Ye Wanwan didn't even look at Liang Shi Han, nor did she even have the slightest desire to respond.

"Shi Han, you'll be entering Imperial Media University soon and will be one of the elite pillars of society, so don't you waste your breath debating with this useless scum!" Fang Xiu Min sneered.

"Imperial Media? It's at the peak of the pyramid in the media profession... it's highly revered..."

All the guests seemed doubtful as many of them sized up Liang Shi Han.

"Being able to enter Imperial Media at this age, her future will be bright and limitless."

"Many media experts couldn't enter Imperial Media even if they wanted to!"

Imperial Media University was said to be the most stringent in their enrolment in all of Imperial City. Although there weren't many who were accepted in each round, those who walked out of there became the elites of the media world.

Hearing the surrounding discussions, a proud smile replaced the gloominess on Fang Xiu Min's face instantly as she looked condescendingly at Ye Wanwan.

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