Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 335: Things you've given away

Chapter 335: Things you've given away

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"Ye Wanwan, you...!"

Fang Xiu Min gritted her teeth. Her expression darkened and her heart started beating anxiously.

When she and Liang Jia Hao got married, indeed, they didn't have a single cent to their names. All the wedding expenses were paid for by Ye Shao Ting, but Fang Xiu Min never gave much thought about it. Since it was given to them, those things naturally belonged to them.

She never dreamed that Ye Wanwan would reveal all this in front of everyone!

"Uh..." Ye Wanwan looked at Fang Xiu Min's agitated face and shook her head helplessly. She then turned to Ye Mu Fan and said, "Ge, it's been hard for us all these years, huh. However, it's not easy for them since they're a blended family. Even if auntie doesn't want to move out, as the younger generation, we have to endure a bit more. It's not nice to drive a family of three out anyway."

Ye Mu Fan looked suspiciously at the glib-tongued Ye Wanwan, not expecting that his own younger sister would embarrass Fang Xiu Min in front of so many people. He felt delighted in his heart. Although he couldn't remove the grudge he held in his heart, he still played along with her and mumbled, "Our skins are obviously thinner," implying that Fang Xiu Min's family was thick-skinned.

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Exactly. Unlike some other people who act like thugs and are so territorial-- taking what belongs to the owner and making it theirs, even driving the owner out."

"What's that saying again..." Ye Mu Fan rested his chin on his hand and pondered, right in sync with Ye Wanwan.

"Pigeons living in a magpie's nest," Ye Wanwan chuckled as she looked at Fang Xiu Min's family indifferently.

At this point, Liang Jia Hao's face was totally red and he couldn't find any words to rebut.

At this moment, all the guests looked at each other with strange looks.

From Liang Shi Han and Fang Xiu Min's words, they were given the impression that it was Ye Shao Ting's family who refused to leave Fang Xiu Min's place.

But it seemed like that wasn't the truth.

The house Liang Jia Hao and Fang Xiu Min were living in at the moment was actually a gift from Ye Shao Ting...

"This... the house that Fang Xiu Min's family is living in was actually bought by Ye Shao Ting?"

"I really couldn't tell. From what Fang Xiu Min's family said just now, I thought they were so kind towards Ye Shao Ting's family, but now... on the contrary, it's more like Fang Xiu Min's family took advantage of Ye Shao Ting's family..."

"The phrase 'pigeons living in a magpie's nest' was really fitting."

"They've enjoyed the kindness of Ye Shao Ting's family, yet they mocked the owner of the house and even wanted them to move out... they're really thick-skinned. This has been a real eye-opener."

"Tsk... that Liang Shi Han still spoke so sharply just now, no proper upbringing at all. I want to see just how she's going to take her parents away."

"Take her parents away? Didn't you hear Ye Wanwan mention that Liang Shi Han was still living in the house..."


"Ye Wanwan, who are you calling a blended family?! Are you even civilized!" Fang Xiu Min's face was red with ruthlessness in her eyes.

"Mom, she doesn't know anything about being civilized. I don't even know how she got into Qing He High School--she's been the first from the bottom every year. I'm afraid she's already been expelled," Liang Shi Han said.

Ye Wanwan wore a smile and remained silent for a moment before speaking, "Obviously we aren't as civilized as cousin Shi Han. With cousin Shi Han's abilities, she should be able to take her parents away soon so my useless brother and I can return to live at home."

After hearing what she said, Ye Mu Fan's body stiffened and he shot Ye Wanwan a look.

"What a joke," Liang Shi Han snorted disdainfully. "How can you take back what you've given away?"

"Ye Wanwan, we didn't ask for the house from your father before; they were the ones who gifted it to us themselves. What's the meaning of bringing all this up now?!" Fang Xiu Min said viciously.

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