Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 334: A pigeon living in a magpie's nest

Chapter 334: A pigeon living in a magpie's nest

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Seeing that extremely delicate little face of Ye Wanwan's then looking at her own daughter, Liang Shi Han, Fang Xiu Min's expression instantly darkened.

If Ye Wanwan's an ugly girl, then what's my daughter?!

The corners of Fang Xiu Min's mouth were still twitching when Ye Wanwan turned to look at her with her eyes narrowed. She spoke with a fake smile:

"Auntie, I think what you said just now really made sense."

Fang Xiu Min was taken aback and couldn't recall what she said.

However, Liang Shi Han, who had returned to her senses, revealed a touch of jealousy in her eyes when she saw Ye Wanwan's stunning looks.

How is this possible?

How could Ye Wanwan be so beautiful?

It's not fair!

Liang Shi Han recalled what Fang Xiu Min said and sneered immediately, "Ye Wanwan, since this is the case, why are you still not taking your parents away?"

Fang Xiu Min had just been harping about how Ye Wanwan didn't care about her parents and forced them to stay at someone else's house.

Since Ye Wanwan felt what mom said was right, she should take her parents back!

Liang Shi Han stared at Ye Wanwan, pleased with herself and waited for Ye Wanwan's response.

What's the use of being so good looking?

She's still a useless flowervase!

Ye Wanwan smiled faintly at Liang Shi Han's villainous smug look and her smile widened. She tilted her head slightly and laughed, "Shouldn't it be you, cousin, who should take your parents away?"

Ye Wanwan's words shocked Fang Xiu Min and Liang Shi Han.

"Ye Wanwan, what did you say?!" At that moment, Fang Xiu Min suddenly stood up and pointed angrily at Ye Wanwan.

Then Ye Wanwan shot a smile at them and a hint of coldness flashed in her eyes. "Auntie, ever since the day you and uncle got married, you've been living at our house. It's been over 20 years."

Without waiting for Fang Xiu Min to respond, Ye Wanwan immediately said, "Our family's not wealthy and neither do we have a big house. After you and uncle had Shi Han, it became more crowded and because of this, my brother and I couldn't return home and could only live away from home. Just now, cousin Shi Han gave a great speech and said that she'd take the two of you away so you guys wouldn't bother others. That's great! Then my brother and I can return home and live with our parents."

"Ye Wanwan, what nonsense are you talking about?" Fang Xiu Min glared at Ye Wanwan and said, "It's obviously your parents living in OUR house!"

Facing the enraged Fang Xiu Min, the corners of Ye Wanwan's mouth curled up, revealing a devilish smile. "Auntie, you're old and probably forgot about it. Before, when you got married to uncle, the two of you were dejected and poor. Nevermind the purchase of the house, even your wedding was settled by my parents alone and the house you're living in right now was purchased by my father personally, allowing you and uncle to live in it temporarily.

But after that, auntie and uncle didn't seem to have the intention of moving out and my parents couldn't say anything either. After all, we're relatives--my parents obviously wouldn't do something so heartless like drive our own relatives away, and they hadn't collected a single cent of rent for 20 over years.

However, I decided to speak up only when I heard that uncle and auntie have the intention of moving from cousin Shi Han's brilliant speech just now. If cousin Shi Han really has the backbone, then as her older sister, I feel quite relieved."

With that said, Ye Wanwan looked at Liang Shi Han meaningfully and acted like she was unconvinced. "However, from what I see, cousin Shi Han doesn't have the ability to do that right now... after all, she's been living in my house all this while and hasn't left before, so how can she even talk about taking her parents away?"

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