Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 333: Ugly girl Ye Wanwan?

Chapter 333: Ugly girl Ye Wanwan?

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Liang Shi Han was also shocked by that woman's appearance; she didn't expect that someone better-looking than Ye Yiyi would show up, but she didn't dare show her surprise on her face.

The woman slowly walked past the crowd. As her figure went by, there were many gasps of surprise.

However, just when everyone was trying to figure out where this woman came from, they saw her walking directly to Ye Shao Ting's table. She stood there, and her breathtaking eyes looked over everyone at the table, finally landing on Fang Xiu Min.

Her red lips started to open and she said in a very sweet voice——

"What auntie said was right!"


Fang Xiu Min stared at the woman with panic and suspicion in her eyes-- who exactly is this girl? Why did she call me auntie out of the blue?

Not only Fang Xiu Min and Liang Jia Hao, but every guest in every corner of the room, was flabbergasted.

"You are..."

Fang Xiu Min looked at the woman with doubt and hesitation.

The girl smiled. Her red-stained lips curved into an attractive smile as she said casually:

"I haven't seen all of you for a short period of time, yet auntie has already forgotten me? I'm Ye Wanwan."

Ye Wanwan!!!

In a split second, everyone was completely taken aback by what she said!

What kind of joke is this!

This woman of unrivaled beauty is actually the infamous ugly girl from the Ye family... Ye Wanwan?!

The guests who had seen Ye Wanwan before were knocked senseless.

In the past, Ye Wanwan always smeared her entire face with thick makeup, and she looked completely atrocious like a tomboy. No one expected that once she removed the thick makeup, the real face of Ye Wanwan would be so stunning.

This shocking outcome stupefied everyone at the scene.

"Senior... didn't you say that... Ye Wanwan's an ugly girl..."

A little fresh meat from Emperor Sky regained his senses after the shock and immediately turned to the guy next to him, confused.


The guy's eyes didn't leave Ye Wanwan. He stood rooted to the ground as the corners of his mouth twitched.

Who'd have thought that... Ye Wanwan actually looks so attractive without the makeup?!

"You... you're lying huh... this is Ye Wanwan?!"

"So this is the so-called ugly girl of the Ye family who's madly in love with Gu Yue Ze and was even dumped by him?!" One of the guests burst out in laughter. Truly, hearsay will always be hearsay, seeing is still believing.

The ugly girl from the Ye family?

Who are you kidding?!

With Ye Wanwan's looks, if this is ugly then Ye Yiyi is completely inferior compared to her. If this is considered ugly... then what about all the female stars competing with their looks in the entertainment industry--which one of them wouldn't be considered ugly?!

At this moment, Gu Yue Ze was slightly dazed as he looked at Ye Wanwan with a hint of disbelief and shock. He didn't expect that this beautiful woman before him was Ye Wanwan, who normally had on atrocious makeup and clothes in the past.

However... Gu Yue Ze glanced at Ye Yiyi from the corner of his eyes and noticed that her brows were furrowed. He instantly concealed his astonishment and sat there, pretending to be calm.


Seeing that Ye Wanwan had suddenly shown up, Liang Wan Jun was still somehow unable to come back to her senses and couldn't believe her eyes-- the woman in front of her was her own daughter.

"Mom." Ye Wanwan calmed her emotions, smiled and turned to her astonished mother, giving her a reassuring look.

Liang Wan Jun was taken aback. She even thought that she heard it wrong, but Ye Wanwan actually just addressed her...

Fang Xiu Min's face turned pale instantly. Even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn't be able to guess that this extraordinarily stunning woman before her was actually the girl whom she had repeatedly called ugly, Ye Wanwan!

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