Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 332: Remarkably beautiful

Chapter 332: Remarkably beautiful

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"Ay..." Fang Xiu Min sighed, pretending to be relieved. "If only someone else's daughter was as sensible as you are, that'd be great... however, some people still treat their daughter like a precious baby with no knowledge of herself at all."

Liang Wan Jun's breathing became faster at the mockery from this mother and daughter duo.

"Big sis, I know it's not easy for your family, but it's not easy on our family as well. Is managing a company easy for Jia Hao? That money was earned from his blood, sweat and tears, wasn't it? We're not rich and mighty; we really can't afford to have people live off us!" Fang Xiu Min said coldly.

There were many guests in the vicinity and everyone started looking at them.

Although they knew that Ye Shao Ting had been down and out these few years, they didn't expect that this family would be so ridiculous to treat someone else's home as their own and live there for so many years. Not only were they ungrateful, they didn't have the intention of leaving at all.

Ye Yiyi looked at this dispute with a trace of satisfaction in her eyes while her face remained gentle and warm as lifted her gaze to look at the unhappy Fang Xiu Min and the helpless Liang Jia Hao. She spoke leisurely:

"I'll pay for uncle and auntie, alright? And I'll also apologize on behalf of Ye Wanwan... today's grandpa's birthday banquet, so don't be so agitated. If grandpa finds out, he'll be upset again."

Hearing what Ye Yiyi said, Fang Xiu Min's expression turned warmer and considering that it was Ye Hong Wei's birthday banquet, she didn't dare make a big fuss as she shook her head. "Yiyi, it's not easy for our family either. All these years, this family has tormented us. Tell me, do you know of anyone who would be so shameless? They don't have their own house, yet they want to stay at someone else's house and not leave. Nevermind that their own family isn't doing well; they even pulled others down with them."

Ye Yiyi sneered in her heart as her eyes swept across Ye Shao Ting's family while her face kept that elegant and warm expression. However, just as Ye Yiyi was about to speak, a surprised gasp resounded from the back.

Hearing that, everyone turned to the left to look.

A fiery figure suddenly appeared in everyone's line of sight.

A stunning lady dressed in a flaming red evening gown slowly walked in. Under the shining light, her flawless and astoundingly beautiful charm roused everyone's gasps of admiration instantly.

Every frown and smile by that woman made their hearts palpitate with eagerness; a luster shone in her crescent eyes like they contained a galaxy of stars. Although she had the body of a delicate girl, her aura was extremely refined, unlike anything from the human world.

In a split second, everyone was drawn to that stunning figure.

"Who... who is this? She's too beautiful, isn't she?"

"From the showbiz? Impossible... I've never seen her before..."

"This look... this aura... I thought Ye Yiyi's looks were already quite outstanding and didn't expect that there would be someone who looks even better! Where exactly did this girl come from?"

Every guest at the scene, no matter male or female, was completely dumbfounded.

There was actually someone so remarkably beautiful...

Everyone had doubts in their hearts and tried to guess who this person was.

Ye Yiyi and everyone else also noticed this stunning woman. Initially, Ye Yiyi's appearance was already considered the most beautiful that night, but unexpectedly, that woman's appearance crushed Ye Yiyi.

Ye Yiyi looked at that extraordinarily beautiful woman with a complicated gaze. She observed her graceful footsteps, each step moving towards them and her brows furrowed slightly, a bad feeling inexplicably arising in her heart...

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