Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 331: Unable to put up with it

Chapter 331: Unable to put up with it

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'Yiyi's too kind which is why she gets bullied by some people. After all, the two of you are a perfect pair. Ye Yiyi is way better than your ex-fiancee, troublemaker Ye Wanwan..." When she said the last word, Fang Xiu Min felt something was off and she quickly stopped speaking.

That condescending tone of Fang Xiu Min was too piercing to the ear. This time, before Ye Mu Fan could speak, Liang Wan Jun's expression turned cold. This mother who'd been tolerating all the mockery and gossip up until now suddenly turned to Fang Xiu Min when she heard what she said. "Fang Xiu Min, what do you mean by that?!"

"Jie, what do you mean... I didn't even say anything!" Fang Xiu Min curled her lips, unwilling to admit to being in the wrong.

"I heard everything you said just now!" Liang Wan Jun's breathing quickened; she couldn't take it any longer. Ye Wanwan was her daughter, and even if she had some bad traits, no mother in the world could let others talk sh*t about their own daughters!

People could talk about her husband and her and she would tolerate it but insulting her daughter? She would never allow that!

"Sis, Xiu Min's just very direct with her words, she didn't mean any harm..." Liang Jia Hao noticed the change in Liang Wan Jun's face and quickly intervened.

"You... how could you guys do this..." Liang Wan Jun looked at her younger brother who was trying his best to smooth things over, her voice quivering.

Ye Yiyi, who was seated by the side, looked coldly at Liang Wan Jun and Fang Xiu Min's argument, a hint of pleasure discreetly surfaced on her elegant face.

"What about us?!" Suddenly, Liang Shi Han, who was seated next to her, stood up. "Our family feeds you and you live off of our backs. All these years, if it wasn't for my father's kindness and allowing you to stay, you guys would've been sleeping on the streets long ago! Look at the way your own daughter acts--don't you know it in your hearts? Ye Wanwan's a tyrant! She's so ugly, incompetent and fake. How could anyone not insult her..."

"Shi Han, why are you saying all this about your Wanwan-jie!" Liang Jia Hao shot a look at Liang Shi Han.

"Dad! I didn't say anything wrong. Anyway, we're from the same generation, so why can't I criticize her? If she's so capable then why doesn't she come and take her parents away? They're totally living off our family. We've taken care of her parents for so many years but look at them--are they even the least bit grateful?

'If it wasn't for them, would you have always fought with mommy all these years?!" Liang Shi Han didn't give in at all; her hatred towards Ye Shao Ting's family had reached its max.

Liang Jia Hao looked at Liang Shi Han and was somewhat helpless in controlling his own precious daughter.

Finally, Liang Jia Hao sighed and gave up.

Facing Liang Shi Han's criticism, Liang Wan Jun could only close her eyes as her heart ached painfully.

Ye Mu Fan's fists were tightly clenched and his heart was extremely stifled as he looked at the scene before him.

At this moment, all the guests nearby gave them weird looks.

Liang Shi Han looked at Liang Wan Jun and the others who were silent and sneered, "If it was my parents, I would never ditch them and not care about them at all."

"Shi Han, what would you do then?" Fang Xiu Min seemed to be asking this question on purpose.

"I'd definitely work hard to earn money to let you two settle down and live well. I'd never leave the two of you at someone else's house for years and trouble others," Liang Shi Han replied as a matter of fact.

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