Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 330: Completely opposing

Chapter 330: Completely opposing

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Not long after, the birthday banquet started and housekeeper Huang Ming Kun led everyone into the ballroom.

In the ballroom, a white-haired elderly man sat on the main seat. This was Ye Hong Wei.

Although Ye Hong Wei was old, he was still very healthy. There was a light in his eyes, and every gesture of his was dignified like how a person on the top seat should be. The energy of the power he held swirled around him, causing everyone to feel deep veneration for him.

When his gaze swept over Ye Shao Ting's family amongst the crowd, Ye Hong Wei's brows furrowed but he didn't say anything and looked away coldly.


Very soon, Ye Yiyi and Gu Yue Ze appeared before everyone.

All they saw was the delicate beauty emanating from the girl. Her face was slightly pale, and she was natural and unrestrained as she gave birthday wishes to Ye Hong Wei.

Ye Hong Wei looked at Ye Yiyi and smiled lovingly, allowing the pair to take their seats.

At their table was exclusively members of the Ye family--no outsiders allowed. Ye Hong Wei entertained some distinguished guests who held high statuses in Imperial City.

"Yiyi-jie jie, you've become prettier..." Liang Shi Han moved closer to Ye Yiyi and sat next to her as she looked enviously at Ye Yiyi's stunning looks.

Ye Yiyi giggled with warm and gentle eyes. "Thank you."

Fang Xiu Min saw her daughter together with Ye Yiyi and she felt glad in her heart--this Ye Yiyi was the most promising amongst the younger generation of the Ye family. If her daughter could click well with Ye Yiyi, then in the future... they might be able to secure their position on the Ye family tree!

Fang Xiu Min hurriedly said, "Shi Han, you must learn from your Yiyi-jie, understand?"

"Mom, that goes without saying, Yiyi-jie has always been my idol! If I could learn to be half as great as Yiyi-jie, I'd be satisfied with my life." Sitting next to Ye Yiyi, Liang Shi Han was exceptionally well-behaved and had an unusually sweet tongue.

"Amongst everyone in the younger generation of the Ye family, you're the most outstanding one, Yiyi-jie," Fang Xiu Min proclaimed while her eyes vaguely grazed over Ye Mu Fan.

Ye Yiyi noticed Fang Xiu Min's gaze and she smiled gently, acting very modest.

Those voices directly reached the ears of Ye Mu Fan and his expression was fearsome. In the younger generation of the Ye family, other than Ye Yiyi, there was only Ye Wanwan and him, so Fang Xiu Min was...

"Yiyi, I heard you and Yue Ze are going public soon?" Fang Xiu Min asked.

Hearing her question, Ye Yiyi nodded and looked directly at Gu Yue Ze seated next to her. Her eyes were seemingly filled with inexhaustible, tender love.

Gu Yue Ze looked at Ye Yiyi's beautiful little face and his eyes were also filled with love as he laughed. "It's happening very soon, actually. I've had this intention for a long time, but Yiyi was too considerate of other people's feelings so it dragged on..."

Any shrewd person would understand the hidden meaning behind Gu Yue Ze's words and the person whom Ye Yiyi was concerned about.

Till today, the engagement between Gu Yue Ze and Ye Wanwan still stood. Although in everyone's eyes, Ye Wanwan was robbing Gu Yue Ze of the one he loved, and she was unworthy of this title and was still stirring trouble to this day. She wasn't in the same world as Gu Yue Ze, yet she still held onto him shamelessly.

As for Ye Yiyi, she was still worried that her sister was deeply in love with Gu Yue Ze and didn't want to hurt Ye Wanwan's feelings.

Comparing the two of them, Ye Yiyi and Ye Wanwan were complete opposites in everyone's hearts.

How much one loved and envied Ye Yiyi was equal to how much one would hate on Ye Wanwan!

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