Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 329: Done our best to help

Chapter 329: Done our best to help

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"Shi Han, why aren't you greeting uncle!" Fang Xiu Min smiled lovingly at her daughter, Liang Shi Han.

"Hi, Uncle Huang," Liang Shi Han turned to Huang Ming Kun and smiled.

"Good girl!" Huang Ming Kun laughed warmly. "Shi Han's becoming prettier and prettier."

Hearing that, Fang Xiu Min's face was filled with happiness. How could anyone not think her daughter pretty?

Before Fang Xiu Min continued, she took a glance and saw Ye Shao Ting standing there and the smile on her face faded instantly. She furrowed her brows and asked, "Brother-in-law, why are you here so early?"

Ye Shao Ting looked at Fang Xiu Min and replied, "Today's my father's birthday banquet. I was worried that traffic would be bad so I came here a bit earlier."

Upon hearing this, Fang Xiu Min's face instantly contorted. She sized up Ye Shao Ting and spoke in an unsatisfied tone, "Brother-in-law, if you came earlier then who's going to handle things at the office? Not to mention a batch of goods arrived at the office today and has to be moved to the warehouse later. You left without saying a word--what if something happens?"

Fang Xiu Min was very sharp with her words, not leaving Ye Shao Ting any face at all in front of everyone.

Each word of complaint traveled to the ears of the nearby crowd and attracted a lot of silent laughter. The way they looked at Ye Shao Ting also became increasingly mocking.

"Everything should be fine, I gave the key to Xiao Zhang already--he'll help me by working late..." Ye Shao Ting replied patiently.

"You made Xiao Zhang do your job?" Fang Xiu Min sneered.

"Brother-in-law! That's so easy for you to say, huh? Everyone in the office knows our relationship! You're using this position for your personal gain. If news of this spreads, people who don't know the situation might think we show favoritism when appointing our staff. They might also think that we're lenient with our relatives yet squeeze our other employees dry. How do you want Jia Hao to command his employees like this? People might even take a jab at Jia Hao's back!" Fang Xiu Min didn't have the slightest intention of shying away from the glances from the crowd.

"Then... I'll rush back later..." Ye Shao Ting sighed.

"What's the point of going back now? How much time would be wasted by going there and coming back? If something really happened, what could you do even if you went back? Forget it... it's just our luck that you're our "brother-in-law". Since you're here already, forget it!" Fang Xiu Min waved her hands in annoyance. Although she said "forget it", every word she said pierced Ye Shao Ting's heart.

Because of what her mother said, Liang Shi Han shot a look of disgust at Ye Shao Ting.

"Enough, enough!" Liang Jia Hao turned to Fang Xiu Min, "Don't you know what occasion it is today and the kind of people here? It's so embarrassing to fight like this here!"

"What... I was just thinking about what's best for the company. It's not easy for us to manage a company and I thought we already did our best to help just by providing for your sister and brother-in-law, who knew we even had to give brother-in-law a job..." Fang Xiu Min pursed her lips unhappily as if she'd suffered a lot of grievances.

"Dad, mom's right. Mom was also speaking for this family, why are you always siding with the outsiders?!" Liang Shi Han spoke up for Fang Xiu Min.

Huang Ming Kun, who was listening by the side, looked at Ye Shao Ting's face that was gradually turning uglier. A hint of ridicule appeared in his eyes as he sneered:

"Mr. Liang, don't blame your wife--she's just very direct and anyway, she didn't say anything wrong."

Liang Jia Hao smiled bitterly and didn't have anything further to say. He was sandwiched in the middle--on one side was his family while the other was his older sister. He was indeed in a tight spot.

Seeing all these people mocking his father, Ye Mu Fan's face turned totally dark. If not for his mother who kept pulling him back, he would've punched the nauseating faces of these people.

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