Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 33: Let us share rain and dew!

Chapter 33: Let us share rain and dew!

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"I'm not opposed to that," the language teacher nodded, curious to whether Ye Wan Wan was telling the truth or not.

Seeing that, all the other teachers looked at each other and finally agreed.

"Ye Wan Wan, because of you, so many people have gathered here and wasted their valuable time! It's not too late to confess now! Don't wait till you've lost all dignity! You have thoroughly embarrassed F class!" Liang Li Hua said furiously.

Ye Wan Wan laughed, " Ms Liang, you were the one who questioned me and also the one who gathered all the teachers here. Even if everybody's time has been wasted, you're to blame!"


Before Liang Li Hua opened her mouth to raise hell, Ye Wan Wan looked at the other teachers and said directly, "Teachers, you don't have to go through all this trouble. If we use the spare exam, Ms. Liang might accuse me of cheating again and I'm afraid that even jumping into the Yellow River wouldn't clear my name. How about every teacher create 5 questions on the spot? There would be a total of 25 questions and if I make a single mistake, then consider that to mean I cheated!"

Zhao Xing Zhou rubbed his chin, "Ah, Ms Ye, your math is troubling... with language, math, politics, history, and geography, shouldn't it be 30 questions altogether?"

Ye Wan Wan turned glum, "Math shouldn't be counted."

Zhao Xing Zhou raised his brows, "Why shouldn't math be included?"

Ye Wan Wan replied, expressionless, "Because I hate math."

Zhao Xing Zhou immediately covered his heart, feigning a fatal shot to the heart with his face full of grief, "Don't be like that, what's wrong with math? My lessons are the most interesting..."

Ye Wan Wan gave him a blank stare, "..." more like they're the most masochistic!

The teachers discussed this for a moment and decided in unison that Ye Wan Wan's suggestion was the fairest and would save time as well.

The teachers then came up with 5 questions each.

Very quickly, 25 questions were printed and split into 5 small tests.

Zhao Xing Zhou, the math teacher, also persisted and came up with 5 questions, looking at Ye Wan Wan eagerly.

The head of Student Affairs glanced at her watch and declared, "You may start now, is half an hour enough for you?"

"Yes." Ye Wan Wan didn't object. She sat down and started answering the questions.

The teachers all sat on the sofa nearby and drank tea while waiting.

Liang Li Hua looked at Ye Wan Wan as she buried her head to complete the test. Her face filled with mockery, she wanted to see how long this wretch could pretend for.

Ye Wan Wan glanced through the questions from top to bottom once and then started writing.

To prevent her from making lucky guesses, there were no multiple choice questions--only fill in the blanks.

In less than 10 minutes, she finished all the questions.

A number of teachers gathered around and quickly graded her work. The final verdict was... a perfect score!

Except for math, for which she still hadn't attempted a single question.

In order to accurately test Ye Wan Wan's true capabilities, these questions were as difficult as the simulation exam. But in the end, this girl actually got every single question correct again?

After Liang Li Hua finished marking the last question from the English test, her expression changed immediately, "This is impossible! Ye Wan Wan has always been the first from the back! How is it possible that her grades improved so drastically overnight?!"

Ye Wan Wan replied, "Can't it be because I'm a genius?"

"Pffft..." the initially depressed Zhao Xing Zhou laughed after hearing her reply, "This girl probably knew how to do the questions before but deliberately submitted blank exams. Rebellious child, I understand everything now! Now that the truth has been revealed, Qing He has another student with exceptional results. Isn't this something to celebrate?"

He then turned towards Ye Wan Wan with a face full of hurt, "But Ye Wan Wan, it hurts me greatly that you hate math so much! Can we come to an agreement to share rain and dew in future?"

"Sorry teacher, can't do it."


Ye Wan Wan looked at the head of Student Affairs and brought up the issue that was concerning her the most, "So, in regards to my notice of dismissal?"

The head of Student Affairs looked at the provisional test paper, pondered for a long time and finally said, "According to the school rules, with your excellent test results, the decision of dismissal can be postponed while we monitor your behaviour for some time! If you prove that you have changed for the better, the decision will be withdrawn!"


Translator's Thoughts

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To "share rain and dew" means to not practice favouritism.

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