Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 34: Goodbye my ass!

Chapter 34: Goodbye my ass!

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"How could this be? How could you change a decision that has already been made?" Liang Li Hua pressed on, with urgency.

It had been so tough to get rid of this wretch and her plan had been foiled just like that?

The head of Student Affairs spoke in a grave tone, "Ms Liang, this is according to the school rules. Furthermore, as you know, the graduation rate is of utmost importance to the school. Ye Wan Wan still has a lot of potential, so put in more effort to guide her well!"

Liang Li Hua wasn't satisfied, but now, all the teachers had witnessed Ye Wan Wan's exam results were genuine and she also understood the importance of graduation rates to the school.

Damn! She had been 80% sure that she'd be able to chase this wretch away this time!


While Ye Wan Wan had just ended her re-test, the students hiding outside quickly circulated the news to the class.

After hearing the news, the whole of class F was in an uproar.

The Ye Wan Wan that was always last in class actually topped the class for real?

"We saw it for ourselves, all the teachers at the scene came up with new questions and she got them all correct! Also, the decision to expel her is held back at the moment!"

"Damn! How could this happen?! I thought that we wouldn't have to see that freak anymore, but now we have to continue to be around this eyesore!"

"She just has slightly better grades! What's the big deal? If she didn't have good grades to make up for such an ugly face, then she might as well be better off dead!"

Very soon, Liang Li Hua returned to class with a gloomy face with Ye Wan Wan following behind.

The classroom immediately entered a silence, with all eyes trained on Ye Wan Wan.

After all, it was shocking to have the student who was always ranked last in class to come around and end up top of the class so suddenly.

"Class monitor, come over and give everybody their results back! After receiving your exams, students, please remember to check carefully for mistakes!" Liang Li Hua made these casual remarks with a cold face, without mentioning what had just transpired and without much comment on the students' results this time.

Otherwise, she would be doing the equivalent of slapping her own face and praise Ye Wan Wan for her drastic improvement right?

Observing Liang Li Hua's attitude, everybody knew in an instant that the rumours about Ye Wan Wan coming in first in the class were true.

Liang Li Hua, "Now, everybody, please rearrange your seats!"

Hearing that they would have to change their seats, the students started wailing, some happy and others worried.

Finally, with a big problem out of the way, Ye Wan Wan was in a good mood. She waved goodbye to her seat partner, while slowly packing up her things, "Goodbye, classmate Si Xia! Congratulations, finally you don't have to look at this face of mine anymore!"

The boy grabbed his result slip tightly in his hand with blue veins on his forehead. Goodbye my ass!

About 10 minutes later, everyone quickly hustled to their new seating arrangements.

Then, all eyes stared at the pair of seats in the first row oddly.

On the left-most seat on the first row was Ye Wan Wan.

To the right of her was... Si Xia...

At this moment, the boy next to Ye Wan Wan glanced sideways at the face that'd been giving him nightmares for the past few days in a row and the light in his eyes almost died out.

If he had known this would be the result, he'd rather be last in class than number two.

Ye Wan Wan looked at him sympathetically, "Young man, you have my condolences. You still have a long way to go in life, this small setback is nothing in comparison!"

Si Xua took a deep breath, trying to suppress his raging temper, "Shut up!"

Ye Wan Wan finally stopped aggravating him and laid on the desk to sleep. She'd exerted too much energy just now, so her energy needed to be replenished.

After everyone had settled into their new seats, Liang Li Hua continued, "The exams are over but we have something very important to do next. I believe everybody knows that to initiate the school leaders' inspection, the school has organized an arts performance and requires each class to showcase one performance.

In the previous class meeting, we had agreed that our class would be staging a play "Snow White" and Si Xia was chosen to be the prince. However, we hadn't decided who would be the female lead, Snow White."

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