Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 32: You're absolutely delusional!

Chapter 32: You're absolutely delusional!

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In the Student Affairs office.

All the subject teachers of F class had been alerted and were now gathered to investigate Ye Wan Wan's exam papers. Many students also gathered outside the door to watch.

One of the teachers said, "Even though the questions on the liberal arts exam were tricky, they were within the scope of the curriculum—they were topics covered beforehand. There are many smart students in Qing He and Ye Wan Wan was not the only one who obtained full marks. But the point is... Was Ye Wan Wan able to produce this result?"

"Also, there is no way to justify the full scores for language right? Even if her composition was satisfying to the marker, how could she not have at least lost points for reading comprehension?" another teacher brought up her suspicions as well.

Language teacher Feng Rui An also expressed his doubts, "Ye Wan Wan, I just looked at your paper carefully and found that your reading comprehension answers matched the answer key exactly, word for word. Could you explain how this happened?"

"I've seen those two questions before and simply memorized the answers. The first question for the reading comprehension came from XX year of province A's 6 Schools Union senior year examination paper and the second question came from XX year of the National 13 Schools senior year second simulation examination." Ye Wan Wan answered quickly.

Hearing Ye Wan Wan cite the sources of the 2 questions, Feng Rui An's eyes glistened, "Not bad, the sources of these 2 questions are indeed correct. Since these two were originally thought to be too difficult, teachers didn’t cover them in classes before. However, the topics of these two reading comprehension questions were quite good, so they were chosen for the exam. You, little girl, have you done even these two sets of questions?"

For reading comprehension, teachers only taught the method to answer questions—they never got students to memorize topics since after all, they would never pick those exact questions for the entrance exams.

In the end, Ye Wan Wan memorized the answers for reading comprehension?

As the teachers discussed amongst themselves, a sleepy man about 30 years old, walked in leisurely in his slippers, "If the test questions were leaked, why did you score 0 for my math?"

The head of student affairs looked at the sloppy appearance of this guy, furrowed her brows and said, "Teacher Zhao, this is a school, please be mindful of your appearance!"

Zhao Xing Zhou yawned, "I don't have classes in the morning anyway..."

Although the head of student affairs couldn’t stand the sight of him, she didn’t say anything further. This Zhao Xing Zhou may be untidy but since the math results of F class were always top in the school, even the principal turned a blind eye to him.

Liang Li Hua said impatiently, "Maybe she didn’t manage to memorize the math exam answers. Anyway, why would any normal person memorize the reading comprehension answers when they weren’t the questions that teachers asked students to complete? Besides, the problem now is that she cheated; there is no running away from this point now!"

The head of student affairs looked at the girl with a serious expression and interrogated her, "Ye Wan Wan, where did you get the exam questions?"

Ye Wan Wan was expressionless, "I got them when the exam papers were given out."

Liang Li Hua raged, "Look, everybody, she's still lying!"

Ye Wan Wan looked coldly at Liang Li Hua, "Teacher Liang, if you claim that I cheated, please provide proof. If you have evidence to prove that I received the exam questions beforehand, then I will leave Qing He immediately! If not, I hope the school will retract the notice of my expulsion."

Liang Li Hua sneered, "You are absolutely delusional!"

Zhao Xing Zhou looked for a chair, planted his butt down and waved his arms, "After all this, if you want to determine whether this girl's results are legitimate, why don't we allow her to retake the test? Isn't there a second set of papers? Come on, let her retake the test now! "

Retake the test?

All the teachers fell silent upon hearing Zhao Xing Zhou's words.

If they wanted the truth, this was only this way left since Ye Wan Wan refused to confess.

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