Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 31: Slap their faces with full marks

Chapter 31: Slap their faces with full marks

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While the classroom was in heated discussion, the language teacher Feng Rui An happened to walk past with the language papers in hand.

Hearing the commotion from the classroom, Feng Rui An stopped and walked in, "Teacher Liang, what is going on here? What are you raging on about so early in the morning?"

"What else can I do! This student is utterly outrageous!" Liang Li Hua gestured at Ye Wan Wan.

"Ay, Ye Wan Wan, it's you again..." Feng Rui An looked at the girl in the corner helplessly. Playing the middleman, he said "Teacher Liang, you don't have to be so angry. This girl is in the wrong but for kids at this age, dressing up unconventionally is understandable.

Seeing that this girl has done well for this exam, you shouldn't be mad anymore! I've just looked through her exam booklet, she got full marks for language! Even the composition! It could almost be a model essay!"

Upon hearing that, Liang Li Hua was suddenly stunned and quickly interrupted Feng Rui An, "What? Teacher Feng, you said you just saw Ye Wan Wan's paper?"

"That's right! Look, this is the one..." Feng Rui An eagerly pulled out Ye Wan Wan's exam booklet from the top.

Liang Li Hua looked through the paper thoroughly from top to bottom; the answers were perfect and exactly like what Feng Rui An said, it could be a model essay.

Liang Li Hua's face turned stern and in a sinking voice, she said, "Teacher Feng! We have a big problem now! I'm afraid the exam questions this time were leaked!"

Feng Rui An was taken aback, his face was horrified, "Teacher Liang, you can't say things like this lightly! Our exam questions have always been kept confidential, how could they be leaked?"

Liang Li Hua sniggered and passed Ye Wan Wan's report card to Feng Rui An, "Teacher Feng, you will understand when you see this!"

Feng Rui An took the report card, quickly looked through and his face was filled with surprise.

Aside from a 0 for math, Ye Wan Wan scored full marks for all the other subjects and was even first in class!

This was unbelievable coming from Ye Wan Wan who was always first from the back for every exam!

Scoring full marks for language was already unbelievable...

"This..." at this moment, Feng Rui An did not dare draw a conclusion as well.

"The notice of expulsion has been issued but she's still causing trouble. With this kind of student continuing in Qing He, she would only cause a foul atmosphere!" Liang Li Hua shot a look at Ye Wan Wan seated in the last row, "Ye Wan Wan! Get over here! Follow me to the Student Affairs office! I'm telling you, it's no longer a matter that can be settled with a light expulsion!"

She would be in deep trouble for using leaked exam questions!

"Damn! I can't believe that this ugly girl actually is so talented! She could even get the exam questions!"

"She kept all the exam questions to herself without sharing! She deserved it!"

"This fool, she should've made some mistakes on purpose so her cheating wasn't so obvious. Was she itching for everyone to find out?"

"This ugly girl is in deep trouble this time!"


In the corner of the last row, next to the window, the boy took away the book that was covering his face. He frowned and glanced at the girl beside him.

Up until this point, the girl's expression hadn't changed from beginning to end. That expression of indifference was like taking a leisurely stroll and she was even looking straight into the eyes of Liang Li Hua with a hint of sarcasm.

Everybody was saying that Ye Wan Wan was a fool and he felt the same way.

If she had really gotten the exam questions, she wouldn't have been found out if she'd done it more discreetly.

"Idiot! Let's see how you're going to clean up this mess!"

Ye Wan Wan heard the boy beside her snigger. With eyes brighter than the stars, she glanced at him lazily, "Just a re-test, at most... Little missy here will slap their faces with full marks again!"

Si Xia was stupefied by the glow from that pair of eyes. When he realized what she said, he was speechless, "..."

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