Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 321: Mustn't stop pacifying him

Chapter 321: Mustn't stop pacifying him

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Ye Wanwan lifted her laptop in one hand and hopped over to Si Ye Han, hugging him. "Ahhhh! Teacher Si, I love you so much! I scored full marks on math! Full marks! Zhao Xing Zhou would probably be in tears! Teacher Si's fees were indeed a bargain and an honest deal! Eh? Why aren't you surprised at all--did you peek at my results secretly before I saw them?"

"Do you think... there's a need for that?" Si Ye Han stretched out his arm and pulled her into his embrace with an expression that read "do I even need to check the results when I'm the teacher".

Probably because he was infected by her cheery mood, the man's expression was much warmer than usual.

Ye Wanwan agreed repeatedly, "Yes yes yes! There's no need!"

After she had seen her results, Ye Wanwan's heart couldn't calm down.

I'm so happy...

It was the first time she felt so happy ever since being reborn...

She was on the right track with her career, she got the house back and she even scored exceptionally well on her exams...

I finally...

Finally can return home...

It would be her grandfather's birthday banquet soon; she could take this chance to visit.

Not only did she fall out with her parents, but her relationship with her grandfather was extremely terrible as well. In her past life, she simply showed up with her atrocious makeup and outfits, causing everyone to treat the Ye family as a joke, angering her grandfather.

Furthermore, during her grandfather's birthday banquet, Gu Yue Ze publicly announced the annulment of their engagement and even announced the news of getting engaged to Ye Yiyi instead.

Under Ye Yiyi's purposeful provoking, she lost control and made a scene. Not only did she thoroughly embarrass her parents, she even offended her grandfather and destroyed her own reputation.

What's worse was that in order to see Gu Yue Ze during this birthday banquet, she spent half a month acting like a good girl and was finally allowed out of the house. After causing a mess like that, she was tortured badly by Si Ye Han once again...

In this life, she wouldn't allow those people to ridicule her parents in front of everyone, wouldn't push her grandpa and grandma away and wouldn't allow Gu Yue Ze to get what he wanted.

If she didn't destroy that bastard, Gu Yue Ze, then her last name's not Ye!

She would take this chance to win Si Ye Han's trust completely...

"Teacher Si, you were able to turn a fool like me into a genius; you have the ability to touch a stone and turn it into gold, changing something rotten to something incredible. Thanks for your trouble, let your student give you a shoulder massage~" Ye Wanwan was especially sweet today.

Although she had already gotten her freedom in this life and was able to attend the birthday banquet, she couldn't stop with her daily pacifying.

Si Ye Han felt the gentle little hands on his shoulders and looked sideways at her emotionlessly like he didn't see through her intentions at all...

Late at night.

Xu Yi stood in front of his master, looking very confused.

"Contacted?" the man asked coldly with that rigid face of his with a total lack of emotion.

Xu Yi replied instantly, "Yes, great master Mei already confirmed at his end. He'll be using Ms. Wanwan's name to attend the birthday banquet and congratulate Ye Hong Wei."

Xu Yi's tone seemed calm but the truth was that in his heart, he was like a river with surging currents.

It was agreed that Ye Wanwan wasn't allowed to leave Jin garden at all, and it was agreed that Ye Wanwan wasn't allowed to contact her family...

Nevermind that the principles are being broken one by one; now he's even supporting her? What's he thinking?

Could it be that since Gu Yue Ze will definitely be there at the banquet, he wants to show off a little in front of his rival?

Mei Jing Zhou is an internationally renowned great scholar in Chinese art and is extremely lofty--other than master, nobody in all of Imperial City could invite him.

Heh, inviting a national treasure to a banquet of this level? The place might not even be able to handle it...

Forget it, forget it, as long as Ye Wanwan doesn't do anything funny when she sees Gu Yue Ze, it's fine even if the Heavens can't handle it!


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