Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 322: Done looking?

Chapter 322: Done looking?

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A few days later.

The college admission results were out and Ye Wanwan had successfully been admitted into Imperial Media. It was also the day of her grandfather's birthday banquet.

Before she took off from work, Ye Wanwan sent a text to Si Ye Han: "Baby, tonight's my grandpa's birthday banquet and I have to be there. Don't wait up for me for dinner, muah!"

She had been busy from morning till night getting ready for Luo Chen's casting for "Terrifying Dragon 2" and didn't even have the time to find a birthday present. Ye Wanwan rushed back to the staff dorms, did her makeup again, changed her outfit then headed straight to the antique market.

Her salary wasn't high, so she couldn't get an expensive gift and had to make her gift special with a limited budget.

Large and small booths lined the antique street. It was quaint and felt as if she entered another era.

Ye Wanwan's eyes swept the market. Her exquisite brows furrowed slightly as she surveyed dozens of stalls.

A messy young man dressed in shabby denim overalls squatted by a store in the antique market and sized up Ye Wanwan. He looked straight at her without the slightest intention of hiding it.

In order to save time, Ye Wanwan already put on the dress she was wearing to the banquet and attracted quite a bit of attention on her way over. However, there was something different about the way this man looked at her.

It wasn't like the way other men looked at the opposite sex, but... the way he scanned her... it was as if he knew her...

The man had a lazy expression and the corners of his lips curved upwards when he met Ye Wanwan's eyes.

Ye Wanwan walked up to him and sized him up then crossed her arms and asked, "Done looking?"

The guy suddenly laughed. "I thought you looked quite familiar like I've seen you somewhere before."

Hearing what he said, Ye Wanwan chuckled. This pickup line is a little old, isn't it?

"Babe, I haven't made any sales for a day already. It's hard to make a living; please help me out!" The man showed off the products in his booth.

After Ye Wanwan was sure she didn't know this person, she didn't waste any more time and turned away, ready to leave.

"Eh, don't leave, the things I'm selling aren't just regular goods. Even if you don't want to get anything, just take a look!" Seeing that Ye Wanwan was leaving, the youth tried desperately to grab her attention.

Ye Wanwan turned her head and scanned the items in the young man's booth.

With one glance, Ye Wanwan stopped in her tracks.

The items he was selling were all different in shape. Unlike small trinkets and antique porcelain, they were more like various pieces of art made out of a kind of solid material.

"What's this?" Ye Wanwan was intrigued by some delicate carvings and she pointed to a white box.

Seeing that Ye Wanwan was interested in his goods, the laziness in the man's eyes dissipated and he was suddenly energized. "Girl, you have good taste, I knew you weren't just any old person. Sure enough, you know your stuff!" the youth said proudly.

He cleared his throat and said mysteriously, "This was a snow wolf I hunted when I ventured to the cold north by myself a few years ago. I used the bones from its legs to create this beautiful box. It's very domineering, suits you well. You can ward off evil if you keep it in your home."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Ventured to the cold north, hunted a snow wolf... used its legs to create a bone box?!

This marketing strategy's too crazy. Why didn't you just say it's made of a lion's skull you hunted from the cold north?

Ye Wanwan resisted bursting into laughter and pointed to another aesthetically-pleasing item and asked again, "What about this?"

"You have really good taste! This was made out of the skull of an adult lion from the mountain ranges in South America. It was also hunted by me barehand," the man said, pleased with himself.

Ye Wanwan: "..."


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