Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 320: Time to review the outcomes of his teaching

Chapter 320: Time to review the outcomes of his teaching

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Worldwide Entertainment, chairman's office:

"Hahaha... not bad! I really didn't choose the wrong person! Mr. Ye's indeed a rare talent!" Chu Hong Guang had also received the news and was overjoyed. He immediately summoned Ye Wanwan over for a chat.

When he suddenly placed Ye Bai in such an important position, many of his staff were unhappy with him. Now that Luo Chen had suddenly exploded in popularity, it proved his good judgment so Chu Hong Guang was obviously in a good mood.

Ye Wanwan put on a humble face and acted like she didn't have the intention to take any credit. "That's all because chairman Chu didn't conform to standards and gave me a chance even when I didn't have much qualifications or experience. Otherwise, no matter how hard I tried, I'd still be a nobody."

Chu Hong Guang was pleased as he listened to Ye Wanwan and felt that this Ye Bai wasn't ignorant like that Zhou Wen Bin. He felt even more satisfied with himself.

Thus, he instantly took out a stack of files and a bunch of keycards and pushed them over. "I'm very clear on rewarding the good and punishing the bad; you've done very well this time, so I'll get the finance department to give you a bonus this month and I'll hand this house over to you in advance. You don't have to rush the payment for the house; take your time!"

Ye Wanwan smiled and didn't stand on ceremony either as she accepted it all. "Thank you, chairman Chu."

This old fox, Chu Hong Guang, made himself look so generous but he simply handed over the house a few days earlier than planned; he didn't lose out at all.

After he spoke, he tried probing, "Ye Bai, how confident are you in getting the role of Lin Luo Chen in 'Terrifying Dragon'?"

Before, "Terrifying Dragon" exploded in popularity and made many newcomers famous. After that, the second season was supposed to be filmed but due to some funding issues and other problems the production team had, they had to shelve the production midway. In the end, the popularity of martial arts films died down, so they didn't continue with the second season.

That is, until the passing of Lin Zong made martial arts popular once again. Plus, Song Jin Lin wanted to fulfill Lin Zong's last wish so this show would be a big production for sure--it was a rare opportunity.

Within ten hours of Song Jin Lin's announcement, many management companies already got down to work but nobody was as swift as Ye Bai.

Ye Wanwan replied plainly, "It'll definitely be Luo Chen."

Chu Hong Guang chuckled, "Great! Then I'll be waiting for your good news!"

This Ye Bai seems a little dark. He didn't want anyone other than Luo Chen and managed Luo Chen's comeback at such a good time. Could it be that he's able to foresee a person's death too? Did he predict that Song Jin Lin would film "Terrifying Dragon 2"?

No matter how he managed to do it, it's not a matter I should be concerned about as long as he's able to pin down Zhou Wen Bin...


After she had left Worldwide's office, Ye Wanwan didn't go to Dazzling. Instead, she headed back to Jin garden.

After all, today was an extremely special day.

When everyone was trying to figure out who the mastermind behind Luo Chen was, the legendary god with marvelous foresight, great manager Ye, was crouching in the house uneasily, staring at the laptop in full concentration and was ready to check the... results of her college entrance exams...

"Teacher Si, the moment has arrived. It's time to review the outcomes of your teaching!" Ye Wanwan placed the laptop on her lap and rubbed her hands nervously.

In contrast to Ye Wanwan's nervousness, Si Ye Han was sitting on the sofa opposite, sipping his tea leisurely.

It was time. After a few deep breaths, Ye Wanwan finally signed onto the website and entered her admission number.

She hovered her finger on the ENTER button and paused for a second, then pushed it down hard...

Language: 142 points, English: 148 points, liberal arts: 283 points, math... 150 points!!!


Even after she estimated her results, Ye Wanwan jumped in joy immediately after seeing these results.

Especially when she saw her math results.

With this overall score, she could get into Imperial Media!


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