Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 319: Right time at the right place with the right people

Chapter 319: Right time at the right place with the right people

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Farmer's Sweet Spring Water: Damn! I was still thinking about the whereabouts of the Lin Luo Chen in "Terrifying Dragon" then I saw this post! Is the last three seconds how Luo Chen looks like now? Damn! He's even better looking than three years ago, huh! He actually hasn't turned ugly.

Terrifying Dragon Floating in the Skies: He's definitely the artiste who shared the limelight with Ling Shao Zhe before! But I just can't figure out why he didn't rise to fame--it's such a pity!

Professional Troll: I just want to know why the new clip is only three seconds long! The Appearance-Obsessed Party can't stand the hunger and thirst any longer! A good little sheep turning bad to become the big villain BOSS, isn't that awesome?! Before, the final scene of "Terrifying Dragon" stopped here and everyone was on the edge of their seats! Just when will they be releasing the second season? It's been three long years!

Diosmectite: Don't you guys know? The director of "Terrifying Dragon" already posted on his Weibo and said the second season is confirmed! No matter who plays the other characters, only Luo Chen can take on the role of Lin Luo Chen! It looks as if time has stopped for him--he still looks exactly the same as the Lin Luo Chen from the past! Wrong, he's even more stunning now!

Bored Beauty: Ahhh! Are they really filming the second season? It's really happening in my lifetime?! I don't care what others want, Lin Luo Chen must be Luo Chen's role! I won't accept any other artiste acting as Lin Luo Chen!


The rest of the comments were mostly fans of "Terrifying Dragon", those who loved reading about Lin Luo Chen as well as passersby and the Appearance-Obsessed Party. Everyone assembled as one and formed an unstoppable big stream, working together and making this post become more and more popular...

Luo Chen had already forgotten when people last paid attention to him. When he saw those enthusiastic comments and his post gaining more and more popularity, he was totally dazed and felt as if he was in a dream.

He hadn't hung up yet and the envious voice of the caller came through the receiver, "With so many reposts and attention, at this rate of popularity, you'll definitely be in the headlines tomorrow. After all, everyone was curious about what happened to you. What's more, there's the huge fan base of Lin Luo Chen and that poll on the actors for "Terrifying Dragon 2". You've already secured the first place in the poll for the role of Lin Luo Chen! Oh right, which expert helped you with that video? It's amazing..."

That artiste kept going on and only hung up after half an hour.

Right after that, Luo Chen's phone started ringing again while he was still in a daze. They were calls from some other people in the industry either congratulating him or probing him with questions.

Luo Chen stared at his phone that rang non-stop; he never realized that he actually had so many "friends" in the industry...

The next morning.

On Weibo's list of popular topics was the post of Luo Chen announcing his comeback.

The first, second and third most popular searches were "Luo Chen Lin Luo Chen", "Luo Chen's comeback" and "'Terrifying Dragon' sequel continues".

Luo Chen's name had once again appeared before everyone's eyes overnight.

It had only been about ten hours since news of the post reached him, yet Luo Chen had suddenly risen to fame so rapidly.

"How could it be!"

In his office, Zhou Wen Bin's face changed drastically when he heard the report from his subordinate.

Since he took his artistes out for drinks with their sponsors the night before and had blacked out, he only heard the news that morning.

Zhu Hang Yong wiped the sweat off his chubby face and said, "I... I never expected this either!"

Zhou Wen Bin stared at the overflowing messages online and forced himself to remain calm. "Just a Weibo post that became viral! Why are you panicking?!"

Zhu Hang Yong scowled miserably. "Bu... but, director Song posted on his Weibo that he'd be officially launching "Terrifying Dragon 2" and there's even a casting vote in the post. At... at the moment, Luo Chen's in first place for the role of Lin Luo Chen..."

"What? 'Terrifying Dragon 2'..." Zhou Wen Bin's face sunk and he was completely dumbfounded.

Zhu Hang Yong couldn't help but felt apprehensive. "Since old Mr. Lin Zong passed away due to his illness, martial arts films suddenly became very popular and following that, director Song stated that in order to fulfill old Mr. Lin Zong's final wishes, he wants to film 'Terrifying Dragon 2'! That Ye Bai's too lucky, huh! Either that or he can predict the future! How was he able to have such good timing? It was totally the right time at the right place with the right people!"

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