Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 318: Destroy this universe

Chapter 318: Destroy this universe

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The person on the other end was somewhat speechless. "Why're you still faking it, huh?!"

"I really have no idea what you're talking about."

Sensing that Luo Chen really wasn't bluffing, the caller said suspiciously, "Don't you know? You're popular now! Your Weibo post went viral!"


Luo Chen turned on his laptop and signed in to Weibo.

His manager had gotten his Weibo account back, but he hadn't tried logging in until now.

The laptop's system was quite old, so it took a long time for Luo Chen to log in. Then... he was disconnected by the crazy surge of notifications...

"..." Luo Chen was silent for a few second. He hadn't come around to what was going on.

After several attempts at logging in and turning off all the notifications, he finally managed to stay connected.

He opened the main page of his Weibo and was stunned.

He knew he hadn't posted on his Weibo for a very long time, but the latest post was updated two weeks ago.

What he found most unbelievable was that this post had been re-posted over ten thousand times and the number of likes was over a hundred thousand; the comments were endless as well.

A video was uploaded along with the Weibo post. Luo Chen opened the video and realized that it was a section from one of the classic scenes in "Terrifying Dragon"--it was the one he re-enacted in the film studio the other day.

But that was just a short clip from an old classic film--why would it garner so much attention? He wasn't some popular artist anyway...

The Weibo posts he posted before never got more than a hundred reposts; only a few undying loyal fans left comments.

Luo Chen patiently sat through the entire clip. In the video, the eyes of the teenager glistened as he cried, "...if this world denies me, then I shall destroy this universe!"

The front part was taken from the old film, however, when it got to the last phrase, the video split into two-- half of it showed the original film while the other half played the clip that was filmed the other day.

"Destroy this universe——"

The video of him three years ago and the video of him taken two weeks ago in a modern outfit spoke these three words at the same time.

When these two clips were placed side by side... even he was stunned by himself...

At the same time, he also noticed the words in this Weibo post: Long time no see, I'm back!

This... this is equivalent to a public statement announcing my comeback!

However, it probably wasn't popular when it was just posted two weeks ago; nobody probably noticed he posted this.

But now, since Old Mr. Lin Zong had passed away, the martial arts trend was revived in the entertainment industry once again. All the actors that were in "Terrifying Dragon" before had posted something related to the news on their Weibo and this post of his had also been caught up in this wave of posts, becoming instantly popular.

Luo Chen's gaze swept to the comments under the Weibo post.

Luo Chen's Favourite Little Baby: "Ahhhhhhh! The day has come! Luo Chen finally. posted. on. Weibo! He's so dashing in the last three seconds!

This ID was very familiar; it belonged to a die-hard fan who followed him ever since he shot to fame three years ago. Each time he posted something, she left comments up until he stopped making posts half a year ago and stopped receiving any advertisement projects.

Sweet Mom: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! What did I just see, what's the meaning of this post? Is my husband coming back again? I only love my Chen, the stars will never fall!

This was also his die-hard fan...

He didn't expect that after so long, he'd still see their posts...  

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