Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 309: He's our senior after all

Chapter 309: He's our senior after all

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At Dazzling Media:

The news about an externally-hired manager spread throughout the entire company.

As expected, the senior managers were obviously unhappy; nevermind that he didn't climb his way up, but he was so young to boot.

Why doesn't he choose to be a celebrity instead since he's so young and good-looking? Why must he be a manager?

After all, being a manager and an artiste wasn't the same—the earlier one debuted as an artiste the better, but a manager required lots of experience and extensive networks. Most of the managers started out as assistants or were in charge of marketing; they normally didn't have an artiste under them without working at least three to five years, so there were only a few managers in the industry who were under 30 years old.

But the older employees knew in their hearts that chairman Chu was already wary of this dictator, Zhou Wen Bin, who held power over all the artistes. Thus, chairman Chu gave Ye Bai extensive powers and made sure everyone agreed to cooperate with him.

At the moment, everybody was just waiting to see what would happen. Nobody dared to choose a team, but it was obvious that not many people had a good feeling about Ye Bai.

Zhou Wen Bin had been rebuked by Ye Bai in front of chairman Chu, and Ye Bai seemed capable on the surface, but chairman Chu couldn't control what happened in private. This young guy didn't have any background, no backers, no experience, and the artiste he chose was way past his prime. How could he fight against Zhou Wen Bin?

There was chaos in the film studio.

A group of newcomers were having their photos taken for publicity purposes.

Many of them weren't even in their 20s yet—the youngest was only 16. All of them were at the age when they were freshest.

Luo Chen arrived very early that morning. He still wore a plain t-shirt and jeans with a pair of old and washed out sneakers as he waited silently in a corner.

It was currently 9:10 a.m., 10 minutes past the time his manager told him yesterday.

At that moment, an attractive-looking artiste was joking with some people and wasn't looking straight as he accidentally bumped into Luo Chen

Seeing that the person in his way was Luo Chen, the artiste's face suddenly turned ugly. "Luo Chen…"

This artiste, Lin Hao, was under Zhou Wen Bin as well. As his manager was the strongest in the company and the film he recently acted in was very popular, Lin Hao was in the limelight and a few newcomers crowded around him, trying to curry favor with him.

News of the incident in Zhou Wen Bin's office yesterday already spread; everyone knew the new manager chose an unpopular artiste under Zhou Wen Bin, and rumor had it that Zhou Wen Bin refused to let him go and used Lin Hao to switch with Luo Chen. What's worse was that the new manager refused to budge as he thought Lin Hao wasn't good enough, making Lin Hao the butt of the joke in the entire office.

When he saw Luo Chen, Lin Hao naturally had a rage boiling inside him. He rubbed his chin and sized him up with a threatening gaze. "What are you doing here!"

"My manager asked me to wait here." Luo Chen seemed to be accustomed to receiving this kind of treatment as he didn't move and stayed put as he replied expressionlessly.

Lin Hao laughed out loud. "Eh, manager? That little Adonis who just entered the company?"

The newcomers next to Lin Hao also chimed in and sneered to please Lin Hao. "Ai yo, I wondered who that was. Is he the future star the new manager handpicked? He has backing, so no wonder he's so arrogant now!"

"He can't make a comeback just by changing his manager, can he?"

"Even Chu-ge couldn't groom this garbage, yet he's still thinking of making a comeback!"

Lin Hao crossed his arms and laughed. "Don't say that, guys. He's our senior after all since he debuted three years ago!"

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