Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 308: Your beloved darling

Chapter 308: Your beloved darling

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Han Xian Yu had no idea his words had given Ye Wanwan away completely and pressed on, "You simply flirted with Xin-jie and me but your friend was in a more terrible plight; a big man like him was taken advantage of by you. You didn't really do anything to him, right?"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

So all those marks on Si Ye Han's body were caused by me?

Stop talking, leave me alone...

Han Xian Yu sensed that something was off in the atmosphere, so he left after giving her the breakfast.

In a flash, there was only Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han alone in the apartment.

Ye Wanwan debated between rushing out and begging him for forgiveness. After a very long time, she didn't dare to just leave things like that, so she walked carefully towards Si Ye Han. "Baby... I was wrong... I was the one messing around... I'm immoral... I'm the eyesore..."

S***, what should I do...

"I know I violated the agreement but to err is human; nobody is infallible. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone..." Ye Wanwan couldn't come up with any more phrases, so she simply used this, "Wanwan's your beloved little darling! So, can you give Wanwan a chance, please?"

The man looked at her coldly with a faint smile, his feelings were obvious.

Ye Wanwan knew she was in deep trouble this time, so she raised her hand and said, "I would like to file an appeal. Last night, Han Xian Yu was kind enough to introduce me to some people in the entertainment industry when he brought me to a party. Baby, you know how parties are—you have to drink a little and I wanted to just drink for show at first to maintain my persona, but I didn't expect to get drunk so easily... I have no recollection of what happened afterwards... I really didn't know I couldn't hold my liquor well..."

Seeing that Si Ye Han had no reaction, Ye Wanwan became desperate. "Baby, why don't we do this? From today onwards, I'll be your sweet little pillow, anywhere and anytime. I'll be there whenever you feel like sleeping—what do you think?"

Si Ye Han gave her a sideways glance and said icily, "Isn't it more convenient if I locked you up in bed?"

Ye Wanwan's little heart shivered when she heard that. She racked her brains and replied, "That... there's a difference... it's so boring if you lock me up in bed... if you don't... we can unlock many different positions... we can do it in the dormitory... office... home... car... outdoors... am I right..."

Si Ye Han: "..."

Ye Wanwan hopped over. "Don't be mad anymore, alright? Though I was a little drunk and out of control, I was still faithful to you and in the end, baby, you were the one I brought to bed! Even when I was under the influence and lost awareness, it was still within my innate abilities to choose you! What does this prove? It says I'm true to you, baby!"

The corners of Si Ye Han's lips moved upwards slightly.

Ye Wanwan saw his face relaxed and immediately took that as a good sign. "Baby's the best!"

Si Ye Han: "..."

Did I say she's forgiven?

He pinched her delicate chin and got dangerously close to her as he mouthed each word carefully, "Ye Wanwan, you really think I'm so easily fooled?"

With that position, Ye Wanwan pecked Si Ye Han on the cheek, "No, no! Baby, you're so clever and handsome! You're not easily fooled at all! It's just that you love me so much that you can't bear to bully me!"

Si Ye Han: "…"


Wanwan's little class: In order to deal with the great devil, you must be shameless!

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