Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 307: You even hit on me

Chapter 307: You even hit on me

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Ye Wanwan looked at the bags in Han Xian Yu's hands and didn't want him to get suspicious, so her face brightened as she pulled the door open to let him in. "Thank you! Why are you up so early when you're on leave?"

"Uh..." Han Xian Yu rubbed his nose and didn't know how to respond.

How can I tell him that I stuck my ear to the wall the entire night so I didn't sleep at all?

Nothing happened to these two, right...

With that thought, Han Xian Yu entered and immediately saw the man sitting at the dining table with his frozen face and messy collar. Han Xian Yu turned to Ye Wanwan immediately with an inexplicable expression. He moved closer to her ear and whispered, trying to probe, "Eh, Ye Bai, last night... you didn't do anything to your friend, did you?"

Ye Wanwan was confused, "My friend? Are you referring to Ah-jiu? What did I do to him?"

Han Xian Yu noticed she'd completely forgotten what she was like like last night and was speechless. "Don't you remember? You were drunk last night and started hitting on him, calling him a beauty, a little ge ge and insisted on reading his palm! You pulled his hand and caressed it for a long time before telling him that he'd be alone for life and even said he's lacking you in his life. The curse would be lifted only if he slept with you, then you forcefully dragged him into the apartment. I couldn't stop you and was worrying about you guys the whole night..."

Ye Wanwan: "..."


Han Xian Yu's words... was like a 400kg sledgehammer... slamming down on Ye Wanwan's head forcefully... making her see stars... and the world was spinning out of control around her...

"What... did you just say?" Ye Wanwan stared at him blankly.

Han Xian Yu coughed lightly. "You really don't remember, huh..."

While Ye Wanwan and Han Xian Yu were whispering, Si Ye Han could still hear them clearly. After rearranging his collar meticulously, he looked at her with frosty eyes.

Ye Wanwan swallowed and didn't dare to meet Si Ye Han's gaze. She continued staring at Han Xian Yu and said, "How could that be! Why would I do something like that?! I have only my girlfriend in my heart; stop talking nonsense!"

Han Xian Yu looked at her helplessly. "I'm talking nonsense? Not only did you hit on your friend last night, you even hit on Xin-jie, don't you remember?"

The moment Han Xian Yu said that, Si Ye Han's face turned uglier.

Oh, great...

"Who's Xin-jie?" Ye Wanwan was stupefied.

Han Xian Yu: "Qiao Ke Xin!"

Ye Wanwan: "...!!!"

Best actress Qiao... Qiao Ke Xin? My goddess?

Han Xian Yu helped her refresh her memory. "Xin-jie was quite interested in you, so in order to help you escape the situation, I told her you were taken and weren't the sleazy type. But in the end, you turned on me and said you were exactly that type and also wanted to read Xin-jie's palm. You told her she would win this year's Golden Orchid best actress award. Not only did you predict that she would win best actress, you even predicted the best actor, best supporting actress and actor and newcomer, then you made a bet with her..."

"Bbbe... bet on what?" Ye Wanwan had a bad feeling about this.

Han Xian Yu glanced at her. "You said if she won, then she could do whatever she wanted to you and if you won... she had to give you a kiss..."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

This can't be true!

How could I be such an immoral person!

Just as the world crumbled down around Ye Wanwan, Han Xian Yu looked deep into her eyes and then said, "You even hit on me!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Ye Wanwan turned to look at Si Ye Han mournfully-- Daddy... please listen to my explanation...


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