Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 306: I slept around??

Chapter 306: I slept around??

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The next morning.

Ye Wanwan realized she was lying in bed, had changed into clean pajamas and the wig on her head was gone. She had returned to being a girl somehow and she was in so much shock that she immediately stumbled out of bed.

She drank over her limits last night and couldn't recall what happened at all—she only remembered going to a pool party with Han Xian Yu.

Did Han Xian Yu find out my secret?

Ye Wanwan put on her slippers and rushed out of the bedroom, then...

She saw Si Ye Han drinking a cup of coffee in the living room...

After she saw Si Ye Han, Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief and her heart calmed down.

"Baby, weren't you overseas? Oh no, why is it so late already? I have to go to the office..." Ye Wanwan saw the time and quickly got dressed.

Si Ye Han looked suspiciously at her without saying a word, an aura of discontentment emanating from his body.

After disguising her looks all these years, Ye Wanwan was very adept at it and was able to put on her disguise very quickly. Compared to the exotic makeup she put on daily in the past, dressing up as a man was much simpler to her. All she had to do was draw coarser eyebrows and shadows around her face to make it look more masculine and three-dimensional and she was done.

Before, she sold all her messy outfits in one go on a second-hand website and exchanged them for all sorts of menswear.

As she headed to the office, Ye Wanwan donned a more formal western suit with a white shirt underneath. The collar had vintage embroidery on it and a rose pattern was sewn on the chest pocket. Also, she covered her overly dazzling and attractive eyes with her bangs slightly.

When she came out of her room again, Ye Wanwan transformed from being the girl who just woke up in a daze to an upper class elegant little prince from medieval Europe.

"Eh? Baby, where did you put my insole last night?" Ye Wanwan asked anxiously.

Although she seemed very small when she stood next to Si Ye Han, she actually wasn't very short. But her insoles helped her look more manly so she couldn't go without them.

Ye Wanwan looked around for her insoles and took a peek at Si Ye Han. She was sharp and noticed that Si Ye Han had bags under his eyes. She couldn't help but think-- hm, Si Ye Han didn't sleep well last night?

Did my sleep-in-seconds skill fail?

What was even more shocking... was she noticed something on Si Ye Han's neck from the corner of her eyes...

In the next second, Ye Wanwan charged over and pulled open Si Ye Han's collar. "F***! Baby, you actually slept around behind my back!?"

The iciness in Si Ye Han's eyes finally shattered. Even his voice was extremely menacing as he said, enunciating each word carefully, "I slept around?"

Ye Wanwan pointed at the hickeys on his neck and unfastened his buttons. "You're still trying to deny it? Look at the hickeys on your neck, and here and some here too! There's even a bite here! It's a complete eyesore! I never imagined that you would be this sort of person!"

Si Ye Han's face was as black as the underside of a pot. He pushed her hand aside and fastened his buttons, obviously pissed off.

If I knew she'd act this way, I wouldn't have let her off so easily last night!

At that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ye Wanwan shot a look at Si Ye Han then went to get the door.

Han Xian Yu stood at the door. After seeing Ye Wanwan's clothes, a hint of surprise clearly flashed across his eyes then he stretched his head inside and said, "Morning, I bought breakfast. Do you want to eat together?"


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