Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 305: Sleep with me once

Chapter 305: Sleep with me once

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How is this reading his palm? This guy simply caressed the man's hand a few times...

After Ye Bai appeared satisfied with the reading he got from Si Ye Han's palm, he kept up the act and predicted, "Little ge ge, I see you're shrouded in a favorable aura and you possess the supreme power of an emperor... but what a pity... your marriage line is thin and faint. You're destined to have a disastrous wedding, and you'll be alone for eternity... if you wish to break the curse, there's only one way..."

The young man's face was very grave.

When Han Xian Yu witnessed this, he was almost convinced Ye Bai really knew how to read palms and listened eagerly for the solution to break the curse.

"Oh? What is it?" The man asked, expressionless.

The young man stroked his hand and replied simultaneously, "Don't worry, don't worry, little ge ge. You don't have to be nervous. You're just lacking me in your life, so sleep with me once and you'll be fine!"

Si Ye Han: "..."

Han Xian Yu almost choked: "..."

As if anyone would believe your bulls***!!!


After they both returned to their respective apartments, Han Xian Yu shook his head and paced around his living room anxiously.

In the end, he walked to his bedroom and glued his ear to the wall, trying to eavesdrop on any conversation going on in the neighboring apartment. But the sound insulation was too good and he couldn't hear a thing!

Could something happen between the two of them?

Now he finally understood why Ye Bai's friend didn't seem... very straight. Was he forced to be gay by that guy's relentless flirting?


Next door:

Ye Wanwan was like a big bad wolf, dragging Si Ye Han and slowly leading him into the bedroom.

"Beauty, why don't you join me in looking at the stars and the moon tonight? We'll talk about poetry and the philosophy of life... I promise I won't do anything to you..."

As she spoke, she simultaneously pulled the man to the bed.

Si Ye Han wasn't in the mood to play and he brushed away the little hands getting busy with his collar. His voice was frozen without a tinge of warmth as he said, "If it wasn't me tonight, would you bring him to bed instead?"

After Ye Wanwan's hands were brushed aside, she could sense that he was angry, so she stroked him lightly, lifted her head and grinned. "That's impossible... little ge ge, you're the only one for me... I'll only sleep with you alone..."

Si Ye Han took a deep breath, looking like he really wanted to strangle her but also wanted to bury her in his embrace at the same time. He bent down and forcefully bit down on her lips while his big palms unfastened the buttons of her top, one by one...

But then, something he touched didn't feel right.

He looked down and realized her entire chest to waist area was bound tightly...

The man furrowed his brows and slowly helped her out of the binding.

Although Ye Wanwan was already drunk, she still had the ability to assume her male identity. She quickly freed herself and pinned Si Ye Han down on the bed. Her watery peach blossom eyes blinked and her hands pressed on his palms. "Ay? Beauty... don't be naughty!"

When she pinned him down, her wig fell off and her fine black hair was let loose...

Si Ye Han stared at her flushed little face, her eyes sparkling like stars, her hair falling on her shoulders and the delicate collarbones peeking out of her top. His eyes darkened instantly and his big palms grasped the girl's waist as he gritted his teeth and exclaimed, "Look carefully, WHO AM I!"

Ye Wanwan laid on Si Ye Han's chest and stared at him as if there was only him in the entire universe. Her voice slowly recovered its girly, soft and sweet tone as she said, "I can see you clearly... you're a beauty, my little ge ge, my baby..."

She rubbed against his neck lightly and her voice became even gentler, "Baby brought me clothes when I was cold... fed me porridge... baby has a white tiger... I love baby..."

Seeing the gentleness and warmth in her eyes and feeling the softness on his neck, Si Ye Han was stunned, "..."

Damn it, woman!

You think I would let you off just like that?

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eunimon_ eunimon_

Of course you would, Si Ye Han, of course you would let her off hehe...

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