Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 304: Flirting with men

Chapter 304: Flirting with men

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Han Xian Yu was totally flabbergasted—this was the first time he witnessed Qiao Ke Xin blush in her entire history of interacting with all sorts of fresh meat!

Since Han Xian Yu invited Ye Bai along, he was worried he'd go too far, so he quickly helped Ye Bai up and left.

Han Xian Yu drove towards the apartment while Ye Wanwan sat in the passenger's seat next to him. Ye Bai seemed drunk since his gaze remained glued to his face.

Han Xian Yu thought he drank too much and felt unwell, so he drove faster and tilted his head slightly to glance at the young man next to him. "Are you okay? Do you need to puke? I have garbage bags in the car!"

In the passenger seat, the young man's gaze slowly returned to focus as he kept staring at Han Xian Yu's face. Then he laughed suddenly and the light from his dazzling smile diffused into the atmosphere; his eyes were like thousands of white flowers blossoming, "Ah, why would I feel like puking when I'm looking at such a beautiful face?"

Screech—— Han Xian Yu lost control of his steering for a moment, making the car skid and form an "S" on the road...


After quite a shock, they finally arrived at the apartment.

Han Xian Yu quickly helped Ye Bai to his doorstep and couldn't wait to throw him into the house.

This guy... is really bad at drinking...

Nevermind if he got drunk and flirted with girls, but he doesn't even let men off!

The image of that smile Ye Bai gave him in the car just now surfaced in his head and his heart skipped a few beats.

"This troublemaker..."

Initially, he thought Ye Bai's girlfriend was too strict with him, but now, he really sympathized with her...

Han Xian Yu sighed as he helped Ye Bai out of the lift and was about to step forward when he suddenly saw a man standing by the door.

It's that... Ah-Jiu [1]...

Ye Bai's friend...

The man seemed to have come straight from a black-tie affair as he was dressed in a plain black formal suit; the perfect tailoring outlined his slender waist and he emanated a cold vibe from his eyes. His high nose, deep eyes as dark as ink and lips stained with a light cherry color came together to form a perfectly stunning face.

As the atmosphere was uncomfortably chilly, the whole space suddenly felt really cramped.

That man's bone-breaking cold gaze landed on him, making him feel guilty as if he'd just been caught for committing adultery.

Han Xian Yu was in a daze for a second before returning to his senses. He quickly said, *cough* "Mr. Si, were you looking for Ye Bai? This guy's drunk..."

The moment Han Xian Yu said that, Ye Bai's eyes lit up as bright as day as he pushed him aside and walked towards the man standing opposite, "Beauty..."

Han Xian Yu: "..."

Be... beauty?

You called a big man, beauty? Aren't you afraid he'll punch you?

Han Xian Yu wanted to stop him, but Ye Bai was like a wild horse let loose; his eyes looked as if they just spotted some prey and were focused on the strong and immortally handsome man in front of him. "Beauty, have we met somewhere before?"

Han Xian Yu's mouth started twitching when he heard that—it was the classic line used to hit on girls...

Si Ye Han was definitely able to keep his composure better than himself--after being hit on by this guy, Si Ye Han continued standing there with a frozen expression. It was terrifying just being in the same space as him.

Yet the young man hadn't seemed to notice the danger ahead of him, so he kept teasing Si Ye Han delightedly, "Beautiful little ge ge [2], I think we have an affinity with each other; why don't you let me read your palm, huh?"

Han Xian Yu's head was filled with black lines: "..."


Ye Bai didn't wait for the man in front of him to agree. Right under Han Xian Yu's speechless gaze, he grasped the man's hand...


Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: Ah-Jiu is the nickname that Ye Wanwan gave Si Ye Han when she introduced him to Han Xian Yu

[2]: ge ge means older brother in Chinese

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