Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 310: Go around barking

Chapter 310: Go around barking

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The entertainment industry was really just a huge display of vanity—no matter how early you debuted, you'd be at the lowest level if you were unpopular; like an ant, anyone could crush you.

Luo Chen knew his rank very well after these three years. At first, he even tried to rebel and stand up for himself, but after a while, he became numb to all the mockery.

Lin Hao glanced at the small-time artiste next to him and he immediately got the message. He knocked his shoulder straight into Luo Chen and said, "Sorry, we're about to start filming. Please leave, don't be a nuisance here!"

Before, Luo Chen might've just left without a word but thinking about what his manager's warning from last night, he stopped in his tracks.

The small-time artiste mockingly said, "Don't you understand the words of a human? I've never met anyone so shameless. Have you gone nuts from your dreams of becoming famous, senior? Weren't you delighted that you managed to hug a big thigh? Why do you still want to freeload on the filming of small-time artistes like us?"

Noticing the ruckus, the cameraman yelled in annoyance, "Those who have nothing to do with this, get out! Don't disturb everyone else!"

The small-time artiste sneered, "Heard that? Crawl back to your owner!"

Luo Chen clenched his fists and turned around, ready to leave.

However, the moment he turned around, a warm palm pressed onto his shoulders.

The person appeared unhurried as he walked very leisurely and showed an indifferent expression. "Yo, it's so lively in here!"

Seeing Ye Bai appear, the arrogant small-time artiste turned pale. He glanced at Lin Hao.

After all, this Ye Bai was an important person to chairman Chu.

Lin Hao's face darkened as he glared at the main culprit who embarrassed him so thoroughly. "Great manager Ye, please look after your artiste carefully! Don't let him go around barking by himself!"

Ye Wanwan wanted to laugh. Even if she met Luo Chen only once, she knew how quiet he was, yet his guy claimed Luo Chen was the one barking.

Ye Wanwan smiled, "Eh, how I take care of my artist isn't important but... shutting one or two people out? That's a piece of cake!"

The moment Ye Wanwan said that, a raging fire blazed in Lin Hao's eyes and he sneered, "Shut me out? You? Who do you think you are? You're waving a chicken feather as a token of authority [1]! You really think so highly of yourself?"

I'm one of Bin-ge's men! I don't think Ye Bai has the guts to touch me.

Ye Wanwan still had that indifferent expression on her face. She looked suspiciously at the face that had gone through too many plastic surgeries then casually made a call. "Hello? Chairman Chu?"

Lin Hao, who looked fearless up until now, turned totally pale the instant he saw Ye Wanwan call chairman Chu.

Ye Wanwan continued in a very relaxed tone, "Haha, chairman Chu, it's nothing much. I just wanted to shut someone out so I'm asking you to extend your powers. There's this dumb guy who said I was waving a chicken feather as a token of authority! Oh, I don't have to go through you? Just shut him out if I want to?"

Hearing that, Lin Hao couldn't maintain his composure anymore and his whole body started trembling.

And the artistes who mocked Luo Chen together with Lin Hao didn't dare to make a sound. They collectively retreated backwards silently, afraid they'd be dragged down with him.


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[1]: A Chinese idiom which means to treat an utterly worthless thing like an order from above.

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