Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 301: Not going for a swim?

Chapter 301: Not going for a swim?

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How could a big man like me drink such a sissy cocktail?! It's totally inconsistent with my look!

"She won't be around these two days!" Ye Wanwan acted like she just managed to catch a break, evoking the image of a downtrodden boyfriend who was finally let loose. She played this role very well.

As a man himself, Han Xian Yu found Ye Wanwan's behavior very normal, so he laughed and said, "Oh right, I heard you chose to take on Luo Chen?"

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Yup!"

"Why him?"

Ye Wanwan couldn't really tell him that she knew the future so she simply replied, "He's pleasing to the eyes I guess?"

Han Xian Yu chuckled. "You might as well say he's handsome!"

Ye Wanwan laughed as well and shrugged. "Isn't that the truth? He's even better looking in person! Truly the nation's first love!"

Also, Luo Chen just had a run of bad luck lately; his looks and skills were pretty good.

"But it's not hard to find someone who looks good, right? Luo Chen's quite talented but too bad... his luck's not too great... and he's in quite an awkward situation right now!" A hint of disgust flashed in Han Xian Yu's eyes.

The things Zhou Wen Bin did in private might not have been known to the outside world, but it didn't mean nobody knew about it.

He could roughly guess why Luo Chen was buried in the snow, so to speak.

Although he wasn't sure what Ye Bai's plan was, he believed Ye Bai had his reasons for choosing Luo Chen.

"Anyway, just let me know if you need help," Han Xian Yu offered.

Ye Wanwan took a sip of her drink. "Don't worry, I won't stand on ceremony with you!"

Ye Wanwan's attitude made Han Xian Yu feel at ease. He turned towards the pool and asked, "Not going for a swim?"

Ye Wanwan held her glass and supported her head in her hand, "Too lazy to change. You go ahead."

"Not swimming at a pool party?"

"I'll watch you swim!"

Han Xian Yu looked at how lazy she was and could only shake his head helplessly. He went ahead without her.

Shortly after, Han Xian Yu changed out of his clothes and came out with only blue and black skintight swimming trunks.

Ye Wanwan sized up the naked body before her with pure appreciation.

Han Xian Yu's skin was a healthy, light honey shade and he maintained his body well—one look and she knew he had been working out for a long time to obtain that figure.

Perfect six-pack, an Apollo's belt that could cause any girl to be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts, a wide waist and a narrow butt, and two long and straight legs...

Among all the fresh meat at the party, there were many white-boiled chickens [1], so Han Xian Yu's figure wasn't half-bad.

Some young female stars started screaming when he came out.

"Ah ah ah! Han Xian Yu has such an amazing figure!"

"Which moron said Han Xian Yu used a body double in nude scenes? Does he even need a double with a body like that?"

"Those abs... I really want to touch them..."

"And those big long legs..."

Han Xian Yu was pretty confident about his own figure. He stood there openly for Ye Wanwan to admire him then tossed his phone to her, "I'm going down for a swim. Hold onto my phone."

He's letting me hold onto something so private? It seems he doesn't have his guard up around me at all.

After Han Xian Yu went to the pool, there were shrieks of excitement everywhere.

Maybe it was the alcohol but when Ye Wanwan heard the shrieks around her, another body inexplicably surfaced in her mind...

And it was naked...

Under the glow from the morning sun, she saw the man's naked back...


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[1]: This refers to fair and skinny guys

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