Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 300: A man's dignity

Chapter 300: A man's dignity

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"Oh god! Quick, look! Is that Han Xian Yu at the entrance?"

"He hasn't shown his face since that incident; I can't believe he actually came today! I even heard he wanted to leave the industry and live a secluded life overseas! Gave me such a scare!"

"How could that be? He profited from that disaster and is currently the most popular superstar, fanning the flames of his success! After what happened, his popularity surpassed Ling Shao Zhe and Gong Xu!"

This incident about Han Xian Yu shocked everyone in the industry. Everybody had followed the news, so Han Xian Yu's sudden appearance today attracted a lot of attention.

Before, everyone in the industry thought Han Xian Yu was doomed for sure—after all, they also heard Worldwide was ready to give up. Who would've guessed the situation would suddenly take such a drastic turn? Not only did Han Xian Yu not fall from his pedestal, but his status became even more stable, his popularity and prestige reached its peak, demonstrating a positive pattern in the industry--the degree of hatred against you previously would predict how popular you'd become later.

In the entertainment industry, everyone would trample on you when you're at your lowest and lift you high up when you're at your highest. When Han Xian Yu was in trouble, everyone steered far away from him, but now that he made a comeback, everyone was trying to worm their way to becoming friends with him.

At the same time, the new face next to Han Xian Yu attracted a lot of attention as well.

"Wait, wait! Who's that person next to Han Xian Yu? He's handsome!"

"Not sure, I've never seen him before. Maybe he's a newcomer from Worldwide?"

Out of curiosity, someone actually went up to ask, "Xian Yu, this is...?"

"My friend, Ye Bai."

"When did Worldwide take on such a good-looking newcomer? Why wasn't I aware of it?!"

"He's a manager," Han Xian Yu replied.

Ye Wanwan brought out the business cards she just received that day. "Hello, this is my card."

"Manager?" The guy was surprised and looked at this young man before him whose every movement was so attractive.

Although there were some managers who had looks comparable to the celebrities, this young man's dashing appearance was really uncommon.

Why is Han Xian Yu suddenly so close to this new manager? Is he planning to change managers...?

Ye Wanwan didn't have any hopes for making any major moves that night; she simply wanted to follow Han Xian Yu around so people would become familiar with her and at the same time, she'd try to remember everyone she met.

In a field such as the entertainment industry, you never know when you could use someone's help.

After Han Xian Yu brought Ye Wanwan to meet a few of his friends, they found a corner and started chatting.

A waiter carried a tray of drinks over and Han Xian Yu took a glass. When the waiter approached Ye Wanwan, he told the waiter, "He doesn't drink. Please get him a White Russian."

Ye Wanwan raised her brows in surprise—she didn't expect that Han Xian Yu would be so sweet to remember her habits after just one time.

But... White Russian...?

This cocktail only has a little vodka; it's mostly just milk. Even though it's very easy to drink, isn't it more suitable for girls?

In her previous life, she wasn't so obedient and often went against Si Ye Han's wishes—drinking, till she was dead drunk was nothing out of the ordinary so she knew quite a bit about alcohol.

"It's okay, I'll drink this!" Ye Wanwan said then took a glass of whiskey from the tray.

Han Xian Yu was confused, "I thought your girlfriend doesn't allow you to drink?"

Ye Wanwan curled her lips-- but that was because my"girlfriend" was sitting right next to me at the time so I didn't dare, alright?Things are different now!

Before coming to this party, she found out from Xu Yi that Si Ye Han received a call last night and left on an overseas business trip. He definitely wouldn't be back by today so obviously, she was feeling gutsy.

Of course, most importantly, she had to preserve a man's dignity!


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