Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 302: You only want to bed him

Chapter 302: You only want to bed him

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Unlike Han Xian Yu's figure that had undergone a strict fitness regimen, every contour of that man's body had an explosive force and unruliness—it was as perfect as a work of art, especially since she noticed some remnants of lust for him still lingering in herself. But the man's eyes were as cold as ice that would never melt...

Damn... am I really drunk?

There were so many good-looking people here, yet she was fantasizing about Si Ye Han's naked body and that time he forced himself onto her like he wanted to devour her entire being...

Stop stop stop! STOP!

Ye Wanwan shook her head hard to get rid of those provocative images in her head.

On the other side, Han Xian Yu returned after swimming a few laps and walked towards her with droplets of water dripping from his body.

Ye Wanwan passed him the towel that was on the seat next to her.

"Thanks," Han Xian Yu took the white towel and quickly wiped his body. Then he got the waiter to get him a glass of red wine.

Han Xian Yu had just sat down when a woman in a red dress with big curls strode towards the both of them like an enchanting witch in her high-heels.

The woman stroked Han Xian Yu's abs without a word, easily accomplishing something all the girls at the party wanted to do but couldn't.

"Aiya, Little angel Xian Yu, your bod's getting better!"

Han Xian Yu, who had just been taken advantage of, looked speechless when he saw this woman. "Xin-jie!"

Ye Wanwan was already a little tipsy at this point, so when she saw a delightful beauty walking towards her, her eyes lit up.

It was the top actress, Qiao Ke Xin!

Uh, wrong, the current Qiao Ke Xin hadn't received the best actress award yet, but the award ceremony was around the corner...

Qiao Ke Xin was a classic example of someone who relied on her looks to succeed in the entertainment industry—she was one of those pretty and flirtatious sorts of domineering women and had always been very popular. Unfortunately, because of her image, she didn't even have a decent award under her belt and she was already in her 30s. Thus, she was criticized by many and was always insulted by female stars.

Ye Wanwan remembered this was the year she received the Golden Orchid award for best actress.

In her past life, she was quite fond of Qiao Ke Xin. Although she was flirtatious and had numerous boyfriends before, she was one of the few celebrities who were real.

Fine, she was just envious of the 3,000 harems of Qiao Ke Xin; all her boyfriends were super handsome hunks and they were all younger than her with good looks and bodies...

Previously, there was a fan who begged her to discuss tips on how to get men, saying the discussion would definitely play on the VIP channels for the entire year.

At the moment, Qiao Ke Xin sized up the young man next to Han Xian Yu wantonly and wasn't trying in the slightest to mask her interest. "Xian Yu, is this your friend? Why haven't I seen him before? Why haven't you introduced such a handsome little di di [1] to me before?"

Han Xian Yu lifted his head to look at her then replied bluntly, "This is my friend, Ye Bai, but he already has a girlfriend."

When her motives exposed on the spot, Qiao Ke Xin giggled but didn't appear too abashed. She glanced at him coquettishly. "So what if he has a girlfriend? Jie jie's [2] not interested in being his girlfriend!"

Han Xian Yu rubbed his wet head with the towel, glanced at her then said calmly, "That's right, you only want to bed him!"

Qiao Ke Xin pouted and protested playfully, "You're so mean~"

Han Xian Yu replied, "Xin-jie, he's not that sort of person. Don't get any ideas."

RIght after Han Xian Yu said that, the young man next to him said, "Eh? How am I not that sort of person?! I most definitely am!"


Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: Di di means younger brother in Chinese.

[2]: Jie jie means older sister in Chinese but in this case, Qiao Ke Xin isn't really Han Xian Yu's older sister, she's just older and more senior than him in the industry.

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