Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 297: Why must it be him

Chapter 297: Why must it be him

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"Any sexual partners? F*** buddies? One-night stands?" Ye Wanwan continued probing with a serious expression.

It was best if he didn't have any, but if he did, she had to make sure to deal with his dirty past first.

Since Ye Wanwan was so straightforward, Luo Chen's back stiffened even more as he sat up as straight as a ruler. "No..."

The seriousness on Ye Wanwan's face then dissipated slightly. "Very good."

After that, she continued asking indifferently, "Who's handling your Weibo account now? Is it under your own control?"

"Bin-ge was in charge of it," Luo Chen replied.

No wonder his Weibo's been so pathetic the past three years. There's no activity at all...

Ye Wanwan frowned then said, "Alright, I'll take over from here. Check all your social media accounts once when you get home and delete all the inappropriate content. I'll be checking."

Luo Chen complied with her orders subconsciously. "Alright."

"Oh yes, did the company give you basic pay?" Ye Wanwan asked.

Luo Chen replied bitterly, "They haven't paid me for almost half a year..."

"Then what have you been doing all this time?" Ye Wanwan asked,

Luo Chen looked a little ashamed, "I've been... doing odd jobs..."

He couldn't do anything related to the entertainment industry and couldn't take on any private assignments—otherwise, he'd be sued by the company, so he had no choice but to take on odd jobs.

Ye Wanwan's expression turned cold.

Contract artistes did usually get a basic salary but Zhou Wen Bin didn't arrange any assignments or jobs for him, kept clinging on to his contract, refused to let him go and even cut his basic pay. He was obviously trying to drive him to his death.

Even with that pathetic basic pay, other artistes might be able to survive just by taking on one assignment or taking a few photographs for a magazine, but to Luo Chen, that was the only income he got from the company.

It wasn't hard to imagine what kind of hardships he had to endure these past three years. He was talented and clever and was meant to display his talents in showbiz, yet he was forced to do odd jobs at the lowest level to earn his keep.

Luo Chen probably intended to endure another two years then sign with another company. His five precious years would be down the drain just like that and even if his contract ended, judging by Zhou Wen Bin's treacherous ways, he'd never give him a chance to make it big.

Nobody would want a troublesome artiste past their prime.

Previously, in Zhou Wen Bin's office, she overheard that Luo Chen was unable to even pay for his mother's medical bills...

Ye Wanwan thought about it for awhile then said, "I'll get someone to transfer the salary the company owed you all at once. You may use it for emergencies first."

Ye Wanwan gave a call to the finance department immediately.

Chu Hong Guang had just thrown a fit, and Zhou Wen Bin wouldn't dare to make things difficult for her over such matters, so she was able to make these small decisions herself.

As expected, the finance department whined a little and made excuses like the company wanted to increase their income and economize on expenditures but in the end, they agreed to give him his salary.

"It's done. Just go get it directly from the finance department later."

Seeing that Ye Bai made this call on the spot and got six months worth of salary back for him, Luo Chen's eyes shifted slightly and he replied with a dry and hoarse voice, "Thank you."

Although half a year of basic pay only added up to about 10,000 yuan [1], it was enough to get him out of his desperate situation.

However, in the future... he had no idea what would happen...

This man... really wants to work with me?

But why must it be me?

Why didn't he agree when Zhou Wen Bin wanted to switch me with Lin Hao?

He had no idea what redeeming qualities he had that someone would be willing to spend a great amount of energy on him and even start a feud with Zhou Wen Bin...


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[1]: 10,000 yuan is around $1,586 usd today

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