Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 296: Are you dating anyone?

Chapter 296: Are you dating anyone?

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But even if his appearance remained the same, his temperament might've changed.

The Luo Chen three years ago was like a white sheet of paper, clean and flawless, full of vigor and talent. His unique traits were simply like a breath of fresh air in the materialistic entertainment industry.

But at the same time, being so pure gave people the desire to trample on him...

Luo Chen still had that delicate and perfect face today but it was white as snow. He was still a teenager, yet there was a trace of desolation in his eyes like an old man without a flicker of light in him.

Initially, Ye Wanwan couldn't figure out why there was no news of Luo Chen at all when all the other main leads from "Terrifying Dragon" became so popular—even the supporting actors were doing well. Now she knew why.

Luo Chen was 18 at that time and he recently entered university, carrying a dream within him and just successfully acted in the first movie of his life. It was just the beginning of his life.

He'd worked so hard for the past 18 years and finally started a career he was passionate about. He was finally able to earn money and let his mother live a good life...

But all these dreams were crushed by Zhou Wen Bin...

He didn't have any power nor status; his words didn't hold any weight, so one bad word from Zhou Wen Bin could drive him to his death. He witnessed how those artistes who debuted at the same time as him, including those who were much more inferior to him, slowly gained popularity and left him in the dust...

He watched his mother become older and weaker, yet he was a total failure and couldn't see any hope in his future...

Since Luo Chen was too unpopular in her past life, the only memory of him Ye Wanwan had was his role in "Terrifying Dragon", so she didn't even know what happened to him in the end. It probably wasn't a good ending since he never became popular, meaning that he didn't give in to Zhou Wen Bin...

On the sofa, Luo Chen's body looked very frail. His black hair, however, looked quite soft--a big contrast from his pale and sickly skin.

Ye Wanwan saw how he hung his head and dressed his wound in silence. She saw how he looked so obedient and her heart softened.

She couldn't help it—after all, she was actually a 27-year-old in her heart and seeing this kind of innocent and gentle little sheep made it hard to control the overflowing maternal love in her.

Luo Chen noticed her gaze upon him as he lifted his head and looked at the person behind the desk. That pair of clear eyes was filled with alertness and vigilance.

After being manipulated for three whole years, it whittled away all his innocence and pureness. He could no longer trust anyone even if this person saved him from Zhou Wen Bin's hands.

Who knows? Maybe he's another Zhou Wen Bin?

With that thought, Luo Chen's nerves tensed up instantly.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan also returned to her senses and was ready to talk business.

She flipped open a black leather notebook and asked directly, "What shows or assignments have you taken up in the past three years?"

Luo Chen's face was dark as he replied with a hoarse voice, "Nothing... no shows and no assignments."

This reply was exactly as she expected.

Ye Wanwan: "What about private assignments?"

Luo Chen shook his head, "No, the company doesn't allow those."

Ye Wanwan kept asking, "Are you seeing anyone? Do you have a partner? Including your exes."

Luo Chen was stunned for a brief moment and his body tensed up because of this personal question. He pursed his lips and replied, "No... I didn't have any in the past either..."

Ye Wanwan was somewhat surprised as she tapped the pen in her hand. Although Luo Chen was still quite young, he was 21 and was no longer a kid. Also, with looks like his, had he actually not dated before?

Must he be so pure...

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