Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 298: Sexual orientation

Chapter 298: Sexual orientation

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When he first debuted three years ago, he was indeed quite popular and even had a chance to make it big, but during the next three years, since teen idols were all the rage, all the companies frantically churned out teen idols and groomed fresh meat constantly. There was only a handful who could become famous and the competition was extremely intense.

There were numerous newcomers and interns who had the same standing as him in their respective companies. Furthermore, each of them had good looks and were between the ages of 16 to 20 while he already missed his prime period and age, so he was in a very awkward situation.

He knew all this very well...

Ye Wanwan looked at Luo Chen who was deep in thought. Her face became more stern as she said, "And one last question: your sexual orientation."

Suddenly hearing this question, the color that had just reappeared on Luo Chen's face faded instantly and his body was as stiff as a board.

Ye Wanwan noticed Luo Chen's reaction and really couldn't bear to keep asking but she didn't have a choice—these were important questions and she had to be clear about the answers before working with him.

Especially the question about his sexual orientation. Although society was currently quite open-minded and more accepting of homosexuals that even the fujoshi [1] market was expanding, the mainstream media wasn't so accepting on this and it was definitely a taboo in the entertainment industry. Plus, if senior management found out an artist was homosexual, it would be the end of that artist's career.

Ye Wanwan strengthened her resolve and asked, "Is this question very hard to answer? Do you like men, women or are you fine with both?"

It was obvious that Luo Chen was repulsed by this question. He pursed his lips and finally mumbled out a word after a very long time, "Women..."

Ye Wanwan observed him closely. Luo Chen's answer wasn't fake, and his disgust towards men was very clear but he didn't seem to have a liking for women when he answered.

As long as he doesn't have "those" tendencies, it's all good.

Ye Wanwan looked at the little lamb sitting in front of her dying from fear and her tone became gentler. "So sorry for asking all these questions; there might've been some questions that made you uncomfortable but now I'm your manager and I have to have a clear understanding of everything about you.

"From today onwards, every matter of yours, no matter how big or small, will be my responsibility. It's not just limited to your job—it includes shows you receive, your assignments, your style of dress, your diet, lodging and transportation, your usual social activities, the friends you hang out with, your dating partner, whatever you say and however you act--you must comply with all my instructions.

"You must inform me immediately if anything happens, including anything regarding the questions you just answered and you're not allowed to hide anything from me. Do you have any problem with what I just said? You may bring them up now."

Compared to Zhou Wen Bin's attempt to titillate him with his flirting and coercion, this new manager was very strict but this kind of attitude strangely helped him feel more at ease. He nodded his head lightly and replied obediently, "I will cooperate."

Ye Wanwan was satisfied and didn't waste any more time. She continued discussing some other details with him.

When she was sure there was nothing she overlooked, Ye Wanwan finally stopped. "OK, we'll stop here for today. Add me to your contacts, sleep earlier tonight and come down to the company's film studio tomorrow at 9 a.m.. If you have no problems, you may go back now."

Luo Chen saved her number and added her on WeChat then left the office feeling a bit perplexed.

This man really wants me?

Why was he so confident to put all his bargaining chips on me?

I haven't acted for three entire years...

Can I really do it...

More than being afraid of this man, what he feared most was that he couldn't do it...


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[1]: Women who like mangas about male homosexual love.

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