Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 293: A switch

Chapter 293: A switch

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Hearing Ye Bai call Luo Chen "my artiste" right in his face with such arrogance, Zhou Wen Bin simmered with rage.

Nobody dared to defy him at Dazzling all these years, so how could a little brat like this step over him and disrespect him like this? Thus, he called chairman Chu on the spot and even turned on the video.

Zhou Wen Bin was the top manager at Dazzling Media; 90% of Dazzling's revenue came from the artistes under him—just Gong Xu alone was enough to secure his position, so his words definitely held weight at headquarters.

He was a veteran at the company while this clown was just a young manager who just entered. It wasn't hard to guess whose side Chu Hong Guang would stand on.

The glimmer of hope just ignited in Luo Chen was once again extinguished by a pail of cold water.

"Hello, chairman Chu!"

"Have you met Ye Bai? Have you finished the handover?" In the video call, chairman Chu was seated in the big mahogany chair in his office.

Zhou Wen Bin looked coldly towards Ye Bai and said, "He's here right now and I was about to bring this issue up!"

"What is it? Is there a problem?" Chairman Chu naturally noticed Ye Bai in the video call as well.

"Chairman Chu, I reviewed the handover documents and the artiste he's chosen is someone under me. He's been with me for three years and our contract hasn't ended yet. I'm afraid it's against the rules to change hands halfway!"

Chu Hong Guang thought for a brief moment. "That Luo Chen guy? He's just an unpopular little artiste—just hand him over! How is this against the rules?"

Zhou Wen Bin replied without a change in his expression, "It's such a huge waste of the company's resources to spend it on a worthless artiste like him! I simply can't agree with Ye Bai's judgment!"

Hearing Zhou Wen Bin's words, Luo Chen's pale and thin lips pressed together, yet that man, Ye Bai, still had that same relaxed look on his face. He looked at Zhou Wen Bin coldly with a slight mockery in his eyes.

"He chose Luo Chen and I agreed to it as well." Chu Hong Guang didn't look like he had any intention of changing his mind and it was obvious that he didn't care about wasting a few resources.

A hint of darkness flashed in Zhou Wen Bin's eyes like his heart had been shot by an arrow. He kept trying to persuade his boss, "Chairman Chu, Ye Bai's breaking the company's regulations outright and causing other artistes with more potential to be bitterly disappointed. As the director, I really can't allow this to happen!"

Zhou Wen Bin put on a facade that he was very understanding and was trying his best to resolve this matter. "Chairman Chu, why don't we do it this way? I'll give him Lin Hao—Lin Hao was outstanding in his supporting role in the last movie he did and has gained a lot of popularity. Riding on this, it's not a problem for him to get to a B-list status..."

Zhou Wen Bin sounded like he had the company's best interests at heart and seemed very generous—nobody would suspect him of having the filthy intentions he really had.

This Ye Bai has to try harder if he wants to take me on!

"Ye Bai, Wen Bin wants to give Lin Hao to you. What do you think?" Chu Hong Guang looked at Ye Bai.

"A switch? Sure!" Surprisingly, Ye Wanwan's attitude was very easy-going.

Zhou Wen Bin narrowed his eyes-- he actually agreed to it so easily?

He thought this Ye Bai would definitely complain about him to chairman Chu, telling the boss how he forced himself onto Luo Chen just now.

After listening to Ye Bai's words, Luo Chen's face turned blank. It was like his heart had come crashing down from a tall building...

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