Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 292: He belongs to me

Chapter 292: He belongs to me

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Zhou Wen Bin straightened his collar and walked over, holding in his anger.

He scanned the document—it was indeed for the handover.

Zhou Wen Bin's face darkened as he flipped through the contracts and documents in a rush. He then took out a pen and signed his name.

Zhou Wen Bin took a deep breath, "Is that all?"

"Yup, I appreciate it!" Ye Wanwan accepted the document, satisfied.

"Get lost then!" Zhou Wen Bin was fuming.

It took him three whole years and finally, he was able to settle things with that Luo Chen. But in the end, this brat ruined his plans.

He had more than enough time to deal with this brat, Ye Bai, who thought so highly of himself, but he'd never let Luo Chen off today no matter what.

Luo Chen knew full well that Zhou Wen Bin wouldn't let him off so easily today, seeing as Zhou Wen Bin sent the guest off so impatiently. Since the business deal between the two of them was almost done, he turned pale, knowing that once that stranger left, he'd be all alone with Zhou Wen Bin once again...

As expected, after Zhou Wen Bin signed the documents, the man didn't outstay his welcome and stood up.

It was as if Luo Chen fell into an ice cave. His heart sank the ground...

However, the moment the man stood up, that pair of dazzling eyes looked towards him.

He heard the man speaking in his direction. "You're Luo Chen? Follow me, then!"

Luo Chen looked at the man in shock and was totally dumbfounded.

Was he... talking to me?

Not only was Luo Chen stunned, even Zhou Wen Bin's face changed. "Ye Bai! What do you mean by this?"

The man frowned. His slender and fair fingers pointed at a few words in the document. "Didn't you read the contract just now, director Zhou?"

"Read what?" Zhou Wen Bin said in annoyance.

The man smiled wryly and shot him a look, then spoke languidly, "Luo Chen belongs to me now."

"What... what did you just say?" Zhou Wen Bin's face stiffened.

The teenager in the corner was in a daze as well, looking like he couldn't understand Ye Bai's words...

"I said Luo Chen now belongs to me!" The man repeated himself.

Zhou Wen Bin sneered, "Haha, he belongs to you? What nonsense. Luo Chen has been signed under my name for three years! Who are you to take him away?"

The man spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, "It was written very clearly in the documents you just signed."

Zhou Wen Bin didn't read through those documents carefully at all. When he heard what the man said, he took a big stride forward and read the document once again. As he read, his face got uglier as he exploded in a roar, "This is impossible!"

Ye Wanwan shrugged, "This was what chairman Chu agreed to personally. He has already signed on the documents as well, so if you don't believe me, you can call and ask him yourself."

Zhou Wen Bin stared at the documents for a very long time and finally, slammed on the desk. He glared at him with a darkened face and gritted his teeth, "I'll definitely call him."

Ye Wanwan wasn't worried at all as she walked over to the sofa leisurely and sat down. She poured a cup of tea for herself and used the lid of the cup to lightly push the tea leaves. She pursed her lips and said lazily, "Director Zhou, please go ahead. But do hurry, I have to quickly deal with the injuries on my artiste."

At the same time, Luo Chen stood a few steps away and stared blankly at the man who suddenly appeared out of nowhere...


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