Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 291: Why are you here?

Chapter 291: Why are you here?

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Zhou Wen Bin sneered, "So what? Luo Chen, you've been in this industry for so long. Don't tell me you're still so innocent?

"Do you know how Zhao Ming Kai got famous? He's not better than you in any way but in just half a year, he's already become a second-tier star! All because I helped him pull some strings with chairman Liang.

"As long as someone's willing to pay to groom you, who cares if your financial backer is male or female? Unless you're like Gong Xu, a super-rich second-generation kid born with a silver spoon and a millionaire father as your backer, giving you tons of money to play with. Otherwise, you have to play by the rules of this industry!"

Zhou Wen Bin changed his tone and spoke patiently, "Luo Chen, don't be so rigid! When I'm done having fun, I'll introduce a financial backer to you, then..."

Luo Chen couldn't endure it anymore. He punched the teapot in front of him like a caged beast and yelled, "Shut up! I want a change of manager!!!"

Zhou Wen Bin was stunned at first, then he burst out laughing as if he just heard a great joke. "Hahaha... you want a change of manager? Sure! Sure! Apply for it with the office. I want to see who would want you in Worldwide!"

Zhou Wen Bin's face darkened when he said the last word.

Fresh blood trickled from the hand Luo Chen used to smash the teapot as he stared at Zhou Wen Bin with overwhelmingly murderous intentions.

The drops of fresh red blood and his porcelain-fair skin contrasted very obviously, making him even more dangerously enticing, while his eyes in such extreme fury were also extremely beautiful at the same time, like a blossoming flower...

Zhou Wen Bin's muddy eyes were clouded with lust as he pounced on Luo Chen. "Luo Chen, don't worry... don't worry at all. As long as you're obedient, I'll never let you suffer..."

"Get lost!"

"Luo Chen, it's fine if you're just thinking for yourself, but what about your mother? Do you want her to suffer with you?"

The punch Luo Chen initially wanted to throw at Zhou Wen Bin's face paused in midair. When Zhou Wen Bin saw this, he quickly grabbed the opportunity and lunged straight for Luo Chen's mouth...

Just at this exact moment...

"Bang——" The door of the office was kicked open.

The door slammed against the wall, letting out an earth-shattering bang.

A slender figure stood at the door, blocking the light; he had a carefree vibe and a smirk on his dark red lips, his gleaming and watery peach blossom eyes were slightly raised.

As if he was walking in his own backyard, the man straightened the corners of his shirt and strolled inside. He stared sideways at Zhou Wen Bin who was in disbelief with his face as red as a pig's liver. He said leisurely, "Tsk, it's so early in the morning and Great Manager Zhou, you're in... such a good mood, huh!"

When he saw clearly who barged in, Zhou Wen Bin almost crushed his own teeth as he yelled, "Ye! Bai!!!"

This brat again!

On the sofa, Luo Chen pushed Zhou Wen Bin away harshly and looked in panic towards the door at the stranger who just emerged.

"I'm so sorry, nobody answered when I knocked, so I thought something happened to you!" Ye Wanwan lied, without showing the slightest fear. After she met Luo Chen's panic-stricken eyes, she lifted her legs and kicked the door shut without any expression on her face, blocking off this sight from the outside world.

"What are you doing here!" Zhou Wen Bin nearly spewed out blood from Ye Bai ruining his plans once again.

Ye Wanwan stretched out her arms and pulled out a chair, sat down lazily and waved a file at him. "I came here to report for work. Director Zhou, I'll need to trouble you to go through the handover with me!"


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