Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 290: Really good mood

Chapter 290: Really good mood

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Initially, the plan was once Han Xian Yu went down, the company would've chosen to groom Gong Xu to replace Han Xian Yu but now, not only was Han Xian Yu acquitted, his popularity even soared higher. Once again, Zhou Wen Bin was pinned down by Fei Yang.

With that thought, Zhou Wen Bin sneered, "Ye Bai, huh... very well! He ruined my plans, and he still dares to act recklessly in my own territory! This is a good time to settle all scores with him!"

Hearing the boss say that, the fatty calmed down and immediately sucked up to Zhou Wen Bin, "With Bin-ge around, nobody else would be able to succeed around here!"

The fatty praised him repeatedly while discreetly looking across at the pale teenager on the sofa.

"Anything else?" Zhou Wen Bin glanced at him unhappily.

"No! Nothing else!"

"If there's nothing else then why don't you get lost?" Zhou Wen Bin's mind was obviously focused on Luo Chen right now, so he was very upset at being interrupted.

"Yes yes yes, I'll get lost now! Right now!" The fatty left stealthily and even closed the door shut on purpose.

After the fatty left, there were suddenly only two people left in the enormous office.

Zhou Wen Bin lightly rapped on the table with his fingers and a hint of impatience appeared on his face. "Luo Chen, there's a limit to my patience..."

Luo Chen seemed to suffer some sort of grievance as his eyes constricted and turned icy.

Zhou Wen Bin saw that and backtracked, saying gently, "Ay, Luo Chen, look at you. Why are you so stubborn? What's so bad about being with me?"

Zhou Wen Bin walked towards Luo Chen slowly. He dragged his words out and continued, "As long as you're obedient, not only will I settle your mother's medical bills, I will even make you famous..."

As Zhou Wen Bin got closer, Luo Chen's body was as stiff as a board. His hands by his side clenched tightly like he was about to explode in the next second.

Zhou Wen Bin was sure he wouldn't dare to go against him, so he chuckled and got even closer, placing his hand on Luo Chen's shoulder. "Luo Chen, you've resisted me for three years already. Are you sure you want to continue being so stubborn?

"There are only a few golden years for an artist. Do you still have another three years to waste?

"Did you know? If you cooperated with me earlier, with your caliber, you should have almost the same standing as Gong Xu in the entertainment industry by now. Who knows, you might've even surpassed Han Xian Yu!"

Zhou Wen Bin wheedled but Luo Chen's thin lips were pursed tightly. He refused to speak.

Seeing that his lips were pursed so tightly, not letting even a drop of oil or grain of salt get between them, Zhou Wen Bin snorted, his tone full of mockery, "Luo Chen, don't tell me you think you can endure until the end of your contract and leave me right after?"

Zhou Wen Bin sighed and shook his head sympathetically. "You're really a naive and silly kid... I can help you while you're with Worldwide, but you think that after leaving Worldwide I'd allow you to have a chance to succeed?"

There was finally some change in Luo Chen's face as he spoke with an unusually hoarse voice, "What... what should I do... for you to let me off..."

Zhou Wen Bin's fingers slowly slid down Luo Chen's slim neck and his breathing got heavier. "Luo Chen, you're a smart guy. You know very well what I want, don't you? And I, Zhou Wen Bin, will get what I want!"

"I. am. not. GAY!" Luo Chen raised his voice, enunciating each word carefully.


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