Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 289: Settle all scores

Chapter 289: Settle all scores

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Early morning at Dazzling Media office.

The office at the end of the top floor had a very lavish interior. There were a few medieval oil paintings and a vintage animal horn hung on the wall, and a gorgeous enamel flower vase on the table reflected the splendour of the sun's rays.

Zhou Wen Bin had a cup of black coffee in his hand and lay comfortably on his genuine leather sofa, looking very content.

The man donned a custom-made Armani suit and wore a limited edition Patek Philippe watch on his wrist. His hair was neat and shiny. Even though he was already past middle-age, over 40 years old, he maintained his image well and looked to be in his early 30s at most.

At this moment, there was someone sitting opposite Zhou Wen Bin—he had on a slightly old white t-shirt and washed jeans, simple black hair and a clean face without any makeup. His back faced the sun. In the shadows, you could see his immaculate face, delicately carved out by the Creator.

But his eyes were dim, his thin lips were pale and a cold aura emanated from his entire being.

Zhou Wen Bin took a leisurely sip of his coffee and looked straight into the other guy's eyes with determination, "Luo Chen, what do you think? Have you decided?"

Luo Chen's figure was unusually frail but his back was upright. When he heard this, his stiff back shuddered slightly and his eyes were ice-cold but very quickly, that cold light was engulfed by the gloominess in his eyes, revealing desperation and defeat.

At this moment, there was a "dong dong dong." Someone knocked on the door and interrupted the dead silence in the room.

A plump man in a grey suit rushed inside with his head covered in sweat. He exclaimed in anxiety once he saw Zhou Wen Bin, "Director Zhou, we're in trouble..."

The elegant and relaxed Zhou Wen Bin furrowed his brows from being interrupted and he turned to the intruder unhappily, "It's so early in the morning; what are you shouting about?"

The fatty replied anxiously, "Director Zhou, the top boss didn't even call to let us know and suddenly sent a new manager over. He'll be coming over today and we all have to cooperate with him. What do you think chairman Chu meant by this?"

Although Dazzling was at the bottom of the list of subsidiaries owned by Worldwide, it was, after all, still under the banner of Worldwide. As the saying goes, "He who leans on a good tree will have a good shade"--compared to the other smaller firms, they were still much better.

It wasn't an easy task to enter Dazzling as either an artist or manager—you had to have relevant work experience and educational background, not to mention you had to overcome all challenges presented during the interview. Only after passing these tests could you be a part of Dazzling; it was quite demanding.

The main point was that Zhou Wen Bin was the boss; whoever wanted to enter the company had to first get his nod of approval, in addition to approval from the managers.

A new manager coming over so suddenly with such extensive privileges—nobody could accept this, especially not somebody entering Zhou Wen Bin's faction, so this attracted quite a bit of attention.

Zhou Wen Bin narrowed his eyes and a gloominess came over his face as he sneered, "That Ye Bai guy?"

The fatty nodded continuously, "Right, right! That's his name. Director Zhou, you knew about it?"

Zhou Wen Bin seemed to be deep in thought as his face contorted even further. "He's just a greenhorn. You think he can succeed when he's in my territory? Just go about doing what you need to do. Stop making a big fuss out of every little thing!"

Haha, this brat. I didn't expect him to actually use Gao Feng from Mars Weekly to shift the public's opinion. In the end, he really cleared Han Xian Yu's name and ruined my plans...

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