Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 294: Switch him with Gong Xu

Chapter 294: Switch him with Gong Xu

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Lin Hao was a rising star with a bright future compared to Luo Chen, who hadn't had a single assignment in three years and had long been forgotten by everyone...

Anyone would know who the right choice would be...

I should've known... should've known...

Zhou Wen Bin was right... there's nobody... in the entire Worldwide... who wants me... nobody...

My whole life... was over long ago...

Seeing that Ye Bai was agreeable, Zhou Wen Bin discreetly revealed a despicable expression. He immediately settled for just a small-time artiste? This Ye Bai is so inexperienced.

Zhou Wen Bin spoke loftily, acting like he was very charitable, "Since manager Ye has agreed to it, then it's set. I'll get someone to bring Lin Hao's engagement contract over for you to sign!"

"Hold it!" Ye Wanwan interrupted Zhou Wen Bin.

Zhou Wen Bin raised his brows and seemed a bit displeased. "What? Do you have any other requests?"

Ye Wanwan smirked and glanced at Zhou Wen Bin. A hint of disdain and contempt flashed across his eyes as he spoke. "We can have a switch but director Zhou, isn't Lin Hao a little subpar? If you want a switch... then I'll exchange him for Gong Xu!"

Zhou Wen Bin was stunned for a moment before he absorbed what Ye Bai just demanded. His face changed and he burst into a rage, "Ye Bai! You're too arrogant! You really think I can't do anything to you? Chairman Chu, did you hear what he just said? This chump is obviously trying to stir up trouble!"

He actually compared this person that nobody has ever heard of to the most popular artiste under me!

It's simply ridiculous!

Not to mention Zhou Wen Bin, but even Luo Chen himself was stunned when he heard what Ye Bai said. His clear and vacant eyes were filled with disbelief...

Ye Wanwan's expression remained unchanged as she sneered, "I'm stirring up trouble? Just who's the one stirring up trouble? Chairman Chu, you're the one who ordered that everyone in Dazzling had to cooperate with me..."

With that said, the indifference in Ye Wanwan's eyes disappeared instantly. Her cold gaze shot towards Zhou Wen Bin as she snapped, "But director Zhou, what about you? Are you not part of Dazzling Media, someone under chairman Chu? Or do you think that all of Dazzling belongs to you and you're allowed to ignore chairman Chu's decisions? You don't even care about what chairman Chu says and keep getting in the way!"

Ye Wanwan obviously didn't mention how Zhou Wen Bin was violating Luo Chen because she knew it'd be no use even if she did.

One was the golden manager while the other was an artiste past his primeā€”it was obvious which side Chu Hong Guang would stand with. It was very common for such things to happen in the entertainment industry. If things went wrong, Zhou Wen Bin might even accuse Luo Chen of seducing him instead.

So, what is Chu Hong Guang most concerned about?

His power and status.

With Zhou Wen Bin's position, it was like he was a ruler of a vassal state far away from the imperial capital, guarding his throne and arrogantly growing his army.

But in the entertainment industry, it was frowned upon for a manager to have too much power. Many established entertainment companies collapsed overnight because a manager poached too many artistes when they left the company...

Hearing Ye Bai's interrogation, Zhou Wen Bin gradually panicked as he rebuked coldly, "Ye Bai! Don't try to drive a wedge between us now! When did I say anything like that?"

One must understand that Chu Hong Guang hated having someone challenging his authority and escaping his control.

As expected, Chu Hong Guang's face started to change.

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