Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 282: I want to celebrate with you

Chapter 282: I want to celebrate with you

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What the h*** is with this tone? It's as if he's saying that his girlfriend is throwing a tantrum!

My highly revered and immortal boss.... throws... tantrums...?

The little secretary felt as though her view on life just came crashing down.

Time crawled by and just like that, Ye Wanwan had waited outside the boardroom for almost two hours.

The little secretary stretched her neck to glimpse into the meeting room from time to time and looked somewhat embarrassed, "Mr. Xu mentioned just now that the meeting would be ending soon. Why is it taking so long... sorry Mr. Ye... they probably had some problems in the meeting..."

The boss isn't really throwing a tantrum, is he? After all, he actually ended the meeting earlier last time...

"It's fine, your work's more important—go and do your own things. You don't have to accompany me here," Ye Wanwan said good-naturedly.

The little secretary did have a stack of work to complete. She left reluctantly.

At the same time, in the meeting room:

According to the schedule, the meeting should've ended way earlier. She wasn't sure why it was taking so long.

Ye Wanwan looked at the darkening sky then glanced through the door at the never-ending meeting. Ye Wanwan couldn't take it any longer and decided to send a text to Si Ye Han: [What time will you be done?]

She was sure she saw Si Ye Han glance at his phone while listening to his subordinate's report.

However, he read the message and looked up without reacting to it.

All Ye Wanwan could do was keep waiting.

After some time, the meeting still hadn't ended so she sent another text: [Still not done?]


After sending so many text messages and not getting a reply, Ye Wanwan laid on the table and typed on her phone sluggishly: [The cabbages I bought are almost rotten...]

When the sky was almost completely dark, Si Ye Han finally walked out of the meeting room.

The senior management was tortured so badly that they didn't even linger to gossip and dispersed immediately once they were out. They ran away faster than rabbits; only Xu Yi had the courage to follow behind.

Si Ye Han strode forward with his long legs and didn't glance sideways at all. At the same time, he instructed Xu Yi, "Book the next flight to Paris."

Xu Yi carefully glimpsed sideways at Ye Wanwan waiting at the side and didn't dare to delay. He quickly replied, "Yes, I'll do it right away!"

Hearing his footsteps, Ye Wanwan saw that Si Ye Han had finally come out, so she immediately stood up but the next instant, she heard Si Ye Han would be going overseas.

Ye Wanwan was stunned. She wanted to speak, but then a crash resounded.

Since she stood up too quickly, everything in the big bag she was brought fell to the ground.

There were vegetables, meat and ingredients for preparing a steamboat. Aside from this, there was also some toothbrush, towels and daily necessities—probably items she prepared for her move to the dormitory.

After seeing the items on the ground, Si Ye Han's expression became much colder.

However, in the next second, he noticed that——

The daily necessities Ye Wanwan prepared... toothbrush, towel, bathrobe and slippers, were all in pairs...

One set was in pink and the other set was in blue. Furthermore, they were all the brands he usually used. She probably got the servants at Jin garden to prepare them for her.

After he saw those sets of daily necessities, Si Ye Han's face changed and he stopped in his tracks...

Ye Wanwan bent down and picked up the things one by one. After that, she lifted her little face and mumbled, "Are you going overseas? I found a job... and I was planning to celebrate with you..."

The man pursed his lips and replied expressionlessly, "No, Xu Yi's going."

Xu Yi: "...huh?"

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