Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 281: Your BOSS is being difficult

Chapter 281: Your BOSS is being difficult

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Chu Hong Guang wanted Ye Bai to lose out a little on purpose and was somewhat delighted at this outcome. Thus, he stopped trying to persuade him and whipped out his big pen, signing his name on the document. "Alright, this person belongs to you now. Take this and bring it to Wen Bin to do some handover procedures and you're good to go!"

Ye Wanwan also signed the same document. "Thanks, chairman Chu."

"I already got someone to tidy up your office, and you'll also receive top treatment at the staff dormitory. You can go take a look today. If there's anything unsatisfactory, do let me know!"

Chu Hong Guang held his beer belly and placed a bunch of keys in front of Ye Wanwan, smiling. "Hehe, Ye Bai, do your best! I have high expectations of you!"

Ye Wanwan took the keys and saw the gold-plated words.

Grand View Park...

Chu Hong Guang didn't cheat her on this—it was indeed the best staff dormitory in Worldwide; many famous managers and stars lived there. Even Han Xian Yu stayed there for a period of time before he was famous.

I shall stop by the dorm first, then I'll see how it goes from there after I've settled down.

According to her observations, Si Ye Han was just as he'd agreed--he didn't interfere with anything she did, but moving out of Jin garden wasn't a trivial matter so she didn't have much confidence in his reaction...

After she left the Worldwide building, Ye Wanwan tested the waters by sending a text to Si Ye Han:

[Baby, I went to Worldwide today and got the job. If everything goes smoothly, I'll be able to start work tomorrow. But it' slightly inconvenient if I keep living at Jin garden, so… I think I'll be moving to the staff dorm…]

Usually, after she sent a text, Si Ye Han would reply almost instantly but this time, it was like throwing a rock into the big sea.

After waiting for a long time without a reply, Ye Wanwan sent a text to Xu Yi: [Housekeeper Xu, what's Si Ye Han doing? I just sent him a text—has he seen it?]

After some time, Xu Yi replied: [Uh, he's in a meeting. He looked at his phone just now, I think he might have seen it. My dear little grandaunt [1], what did you send him?]

Although Xu Yi didn't mention Si Ye Han's reaction after reading the message, judging from Xu Yi's tone, she could roughly guess.

He's probably furious...

Ye Wanwan supported her head in her hand and let out a sigh.

There was no other way; managers usually didn't live too far from their artistes—most of them even lived with the artiste so they could deal with anything that came up suddenly. It was way too inconvenient for her to live at Jin garden; she had to move out sooner or later so this step was unavoidable.

Ay, I used roses last time... what should I use to coax him this time?

Ye Wanwan thought about it for a long time. She returned to Jin garden then went to the market to buy some things.

After buying all the things she needed, Ye Wanwan noticed it was almost the end of the workday and headed to Si Corporation again.

The little secretary had a deep impression of him—her eyes sparkled the moment she saw him.

"Mr. Ye, you're looking for chairman Si? His meeting should be ending soon! I'll bring you upstairs!"

Ye Wanwan was almost blinded by that pair of eyes, burning with desire for gossip. The corners of her mouth twitched as she nodded politely. "Thank you."

After they went upstairs, the little secretary led him directly to the staff area opposite the meeting room to take a seat. "Chairman Si should be done soon. Why don't you wait here?"

"Sure." Ye Wanwan nodded and placed the objects in her hands down. Then, she instinctively glanced towards the meeting room.

From her direction, she could look through the glass window and see Si Ye Han in the meeting.

The frosty Si Ye Han was speaking to the people inside but seemed to notice her when his gaze paused at her for a moment.

Ye Wanwan was about to wave, but Si Ye Han already turned away.

The little secretary obviously couldn't leave a VIP alone, so she accompanied Ye Wanwan while at the same time, sneakily sizing him up.

The man's facial features were like a drawing—his skin was better than woman's, his flawless profile was simply like a piece of art. He was cupping his chin in his hand at this moment and looked towards the meeting room with a worried expression.

The little secretary saw his expression and couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Ye, I noticed you don't seem to be in a good mood today—did something happen?"

The teenager's eyes were fixed on the cool and elegant beauty in the room, and he sighed, "Yeah, I'm not in a good mood. Your BOSS is being difficult..."

The little secretary: "..."

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[1]: This is a way of calling a girl who likes causing trouble or is overbearing. e.g. My dear little grandaunt, please stop causing trouble for me!

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