Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 280: I want him

Chapter 280: I want him

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Luo Chen...

His masterpiece was "Terrifying Dragon."

Ye Wanwan seemed to have a positive impression of Luo Chen since she loved martial arts and obviously watched the classic drama series, "Terrifying Dragon."

If she remembered correctly, Luo Chen debuted three years ago and played the role of a big BOSS villain in "Terrifying Dragon" and exploded with popularity overnight.

With such a high starting point and his extremely good looks, everything should've gone smoothly for him but there seemed to be no news of him after his debut.

The acting experience stated in Luo Chen's resume was beyond pathetic--other than "Terrifying Dragon", which was his only notable work, he didn't even play a minor character in any show after having been in the industry for three years.

The only highlight on his resume was the photo of himself.

In the photo, with the sunset in the background, the teenager was sitting on a railing in a white t-shirt and jeans, looking into the distance. He had an extremely delicate face and his soft hair was slightly ruffled by the wind, his clear bright eyes filled with vitality...

With his looks and classiness, he truly deserved the title "The Citizens' First Love"...

Such a pity that there wasn't any news about him for last three years. This person who was once called "The Citizens' First Love" was slowly forgotten by everyone.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for an artist like him who had past his prime to become famous within a short period of time and help Ye Wanwan land her first pot of gold.

However, when Ye Wanwan saw Luo Chen's name, a smile flashed on her face.

She already expected that Chu Hong Guang wouldn't let her work at the main office and wouldn't let her go anywhere worthwhile; she already predicted that Chu Hong Guang would exile her to the barren, down-and-out Dazzling Media.

And the first artiste Ye Wanwan spotted was Luo Chen!

According to her memory, there would be a chance for Luo Chen to explode in popularity again sometime in the near future. As long as she grabbed hold of this opportunity, she'd be able to help Luo Chen rise again.

But in her past life, Luo Chen missed this chance just like when he was 18 years old--he was tremendously popular for a moment then suddenly vanished without a trace.

After that, Luo Chen's name never ever appeared again.

But this time… she wouldn't allow Luo Chen to miss such a good opportunity.

She would undoubtedly make Luo Chen's name spread across the entertainment industry once again!

With that thought, Ye Wanwan pointed at Luo Chen's information and said directly, "I want him!"

Chu Hong Guang looked at the person Ye Wanwan pointed out and a hint of surprise appeared on his face. "Are you sure?"

Chu Hong Guang was slightly surprised with Ye Wanwan's choice; there weren't many artistes in Dazzling Media who had potential, but the person Ye Wanwan chose was even more unattractive than the rest. Even he'd forgotten this person existed.

"I'm sure," Ye Wanwan said firmly.

Chu Hong Guang saw she was very determined and he sneered in his heart.

Before, when he witnessed her settling Han Xian Yu's incident competently, he thought this Ye Bai was very capable, but from what he saw today, this person had horrible judgment.

He hadn't even heard of this artist's name before; he seemed to be very popular from a martial arts series but he didn't have any other notable works and had no exposure at all--he was just a pretty face without any substance.

There were too many good-looking people in the entertainment industry and an overwhelming number of them had looks like his.

This Ye Bai was still too young—he had an abundance of ambition but was still lacking in experience.

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