Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 279: Pick whoever you want

Chapter 279: Pick whoever you want

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Ye Wanwan's face didn't show much emotion and the curvature of her lips was unchanged.

She knew this Chu Hong Guang would never uphold his promises so generously.


So what?

Chu Hong Guang expected to see a big change in Ye Wanwan's face, but he noticed there wasn't a trace of anger or unhappiness at all. He found this strange but still, he kept that hypocritically honest look on his face as he said, "Don't worry, I've already completed the agreement; this property is reserved for you!"

Ye Wanwan raised her brows, the corners of her lips curled upwards and her alluring eyes slowly lifted, looking straight at Chu Hong Guang's fake old face, "Then thank you so much, chairman Chu!"

Chu Hong Guang wasn't sure what was going on with Ye Wanwan but after years of experience, he was able to conceal his thoughts deep inside. He pretended to be calm and smiled, then placed a contract in front of her, "I also prepared your position—it's totally customized for you. Take a look at it. If everything looks fine, we'll sign the contract today!"

"Oh? That's so much trouble for you, chairman Chu," Ye Wanwan glanced at the contract. When she reached the first page, Ye Wanwan's eyes narrowed.

This wasn't a contract for Worldwide Entertainment but a contract for a managerial position at one of Worldwide Entertainment's subsidiary corporations, Dazzling Media.

There were many subsidiary corporations under Worldwide Entertainment and Dazzling Media was the weakest among all of them. The only trump card they had was the celebrity under Zhou Wen Bin, Gong Xu. You could say that Zhou Wen Bin had the final say on everything there.

Chu Hong Guang said sincerely, "Dazzling's current state today is in the pits; the whole company is almost relying on one celebrity alone—it's really giving me a headache!

"Since your performance this time left me so impressed, after careful consideration, I decided to leave this important task to you. I believe that with your abilities, you can bring Dazzling out of its dire predicament!"

Ye Wanwan's fingers lightly tapped against the white porcelain teacup as she sneered continuously in her heart.

This guy is Chu Hong Guang indeed; he actually made the word "banished" sound so nice.

Her father fought with Chu Hong Guang for many years back in the day, so she already knew of his craftiness. In the circle, he was a famous smiling tiger [1] --he'd swallow you whole with a bright smile on his face.

All these tricks by Chu Hong Guang, how could she not have guessed it?

When Chu Hong Guang saw that her execution was flawless this time, he was worried he couldn't dominate her, so naturally, he wanted to display his sovereignty and devised many methods to rein her in.

When he noticed Ye Wanwan wasn't speaking, Chu Hong Guang pushed another huge stack of documents over. "I already ordered every department in Dazzling to work with you.

"Also, you may choose any artist to manage at Dazzling other than Gong Xu since he's been under Wen Bin for such a long time; it's not good for him to switch managers halfway through. I've given you the highest privilege!"

Tsk, choose any artist I want?

There isn't a single outstanding artist at Dazzling other than Gong Xu, what selection do I have to choose from?

Ye Wanwan didn't speak nonsense like the sly old fox, Chu Hong Guang. She simply picked up the name list given to her and looked through it leisurely.

On that list, there wasn't a single artist who was star-worthy. The generosity Chu Hong Gua mentioned was simply just him trying to rip her off.

Ye Wanwan flipped the pages, one by one, in silence.

When she flipped to the last page, her fingers paused and her gaze landed on the name in the corner.


Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: An outwardly kind but inwardly cruel person.

I wonder who's that lucky artiste Ye Wanwan picked!!!

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