Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 278: The sly old fox's trap

Chapter 278: The sly old fox's trap

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Before going to bed, Ye Wanwan browsed through the web for all the news related to Han Xian Yu.

Han Xian Yu's fans were celebrating and spreading the good news, while the media and netizens all apologized to Han Xian Yu and dug out the various kind deeds Han Xian Yu did before.

Everything worked out great in the end and to top it all off, Han Xian Yu's popularity soared and even Jiang Yan Ran, who spoke up for Han Xian Yu before being attacked by netizens, gained a little popularity and was given the title of "The Most Beautiful Fan".

Right now, all that was left to do was pay chairman Chu a visit so he could honor his promise.

The next day at Worldwide Entertainment.

Compared to the previous time when she was nearly dragged away by the security guards, Ye Wanwan was treated like a VIP now and was escorted by Chu Hong Guang personally to his office.

When he saw Ye Wanwan, Chu Hong Guang immediately stood up and exclaimed, obviously very pleased, "Each new generation excels the previous one! Brother Ye, you're really young and capable! The young will surpass us in no time! The young will surpass us in no time!"

Ye Wanwan replied politely, "Chairman Chu, you flatter me."

"Sit! Sit, sit!" Chu Hong Guang asked the teenager to take a seat then instructed his assistant to prepare tea.

Chu Hong Guang lit a cigar and spoke in a good mood, "Brother Ye, the PR was executed perfectly this time! Totally perfect! Not only did we get to keep Xian Yu, his popularity even soared, spreading the name of Worldwide far and wide!

"The way you handled the situation was much more shrewd and ruthless than those old-timers. Brother Ye, you have a rare talent! Not bad, not bad..."

Ye Wanwan sat there in silence, sipping her tea, holding her temper and listening. After waiting for some time and noticing that Chu Hong Guang wasn't going to talk business, she poked at the tea leaves in her teacup and reminded him, "Glad you're satisfied, chairman Chu. Then, what about the two things you promised me?

"Oh, my memory!" Chu Hong Guang acted like he just remembered as he tapped on his cigar. He took out a stack of documents and pushed it towards her, "Brother Ye, don't worry about it, I already prepared everything that you requested."

Ye Wanwan lifted her gaze and looked over--on top of the stack of documents was the document for the transfer of the Golden Seas property.

Seeing those three utterly familiar words, Ye Wanwan's eyes glistened as she reached her arm to receive it...

However, the moment Ye Wanwan's fingers brushed against the documents, Chu Hong Guang suddenly spoke up, "Brother Ye, to tell you the truth, this property has a very special meaning to me. I like it a lot, but since brother Ye has done such a huge favor for me, even if it's very hard for me to part with it, I'll still keep my promise..."

With that, Chu Hong Guang reclined in his leather seat and added, "Brother Ye, you know very well that this property is indeed priceless. However, you'll be one of us very soon. Let's not be calculative since we're going to be a family. I will never let you suffer losses, then... as long as you give me 70% of the value of this property, the house belongs to you!"

Chu Hong Guang spoke with eagerness.

After hearing what Chu Hong Guang said, Ye Wanwan's eyes lit up.

Chu Hong Guang was a famous and sly old fox indeed.

Previously, during her negotiations, her intention was to own this property but now, he changed his mind and wanted to sell it to her.

This sly old fox, Chu Hong Guang. There's no way he didn't know that 70% of the price is still an astronomical price tag to an ordinary person.


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