Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 277: A woman???

Chapter 277: A woman???

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At a certain high-class apartment:

The moment Zhao Da Yong told the truth and apologized, Fei Yang, who was initially suffocated with anxiety, quickly jumped up and exclaimed, "He promised to deliver in seven days and it really has been seven days! Not a day more, not a day less! Amazing! I couldn't imagine how Ye Bai was going to prove your innocence, but who would've guessed that he could make Zhao Da Yong speak the truth himself! You don't have to worry about having trouble in future!

"We played our chips right this time! Good thing you believed him during the board meeting!

"Zhou Wen Bin, that bastard, predicted and hoped for your downfall so the company could groom the actor he was managing. Now I'll see if he's still so cocky..."

Fei Yang was still agitated when he realized Han Xian Yu was just staring at his phone, distracted, so he called out to him, "Xian Yu... Xian Yu? What's on your mind? Did you see it? Zhao Da Yong apologized to you publicly!"

"I saw it." Han Xian Yu was still focused on his phone.

Fei Yang looked at him and thought, "Are you waiting for Ye Bai's call? That's right... it's been several days... why hasn't he called yet... I'll call him and ask..."

Fei Yang went to make a call.

In the end, the phone rang for a long time, but nobody answered it.

"Why isn't he answering?" Fei Yang mumbled suspiciously.

Fei Yang was about to hang up when someone finally answered the phone and a sweet and warm voice came through the receiver—— "Hello? Who's this?"

Fei Yang was stunned by the girl's voice and then his face froze, "Uh, you are..."

Han Xian Yu was nearby and could roughly hear that the person who answered was a girl. He furrowed his brows and asked, "Wrong number?"

Fei Yang stared at his phone, "No, unless maybe I pressed something else? Why would a woman pick up? Xian Yu, show me the number again!"

At the same time in Jin garden:

Ye Wanwan had just seen the live telecast and was about to take a shower. While she was looking for something to wear, she heard her phone ring.

As it was an unknown number, she didn't think much about it and picked up the call. But once she answered, she heard a somewhat familiar voice that sounded like Fei Yang...

Too careless...

Ye Wanwan quickly held her phone away for a moment and cleared her throat, quickly switching to a man's voice, "Hello? Manager Fei? I'm Ye Bai!"

She previously researched about voice-changing techniques and was able to get the knack of it so her switch was quite smooth. But she would likely encounter this kind of situation again in the future, so she had to be more cautious.

Hearing Ye Bai's voice over the phone, Fei Yang then picked up the phone again, "Mr. Ye? I thought I called the wrong number! The person just now was..."

Fei Yang instinctively tried to figure out who the girl was.

Ye Wanwan then replied casually, "That was my friend. Manager Fei, do you need something?"

Fei Yang was deep in thought after hearing Ye Bai's reply.

Friend? It's already so late, could it be his girlfriend?

But with his looks, it's normal to have a girlfriend...

Fei Yang regained his senses and hurriedly said, *cough* "Just call me Fei Yang. It's nothing really; I just wanted to let you know that Xian Yu and I watched the live telecast. Bro, you're amazing! Not only did you shift the public's opinion, you even took revenge on this scumbag and proved Xian Yu's innocence completely. We're really grateful to you! Let me know whatever you need!"

"Yang-ge, you're too courteous. I'll get what I want from chairman Chu myself," Ye Wanwan replied.

Seeing that Ye Bai was very direct and honest, Fei Yang's impression of him improved. "Alright then..."

At this moment, Han Xian Yu reached out his arm, indicating that he wanted to speak to Ye Bai.

"Ye-ge, Xian Yu wants to talk to you." Fei Yang passed the phone over to Han Xian Yu.

Han Xian Yu remained silent for a few seconds before two words came out of his mouth, "Thank you."

Ye Wanwan laughed and replied, "If you really want to thank me, give me your autograph someday alright? I'll give it to my friend! She would be over the moon!"

Han Xian Yu nodded and replied solemnly, "Sure."

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